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Self-service 1 – modern style project

The design, functionality and atmosphere of the spaces we spend our time in are increasingly important, and their role of disconnecting and inducing some comforting sensations is increasing, whether we are talking about workspaces, relaxation, dining and socializing.

The teams from inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors created a 3D project in modern style for a self-service, which will be designed inside a new factory.


The self-service belongs to a multinational company where employees come from different countries and cultures. Therefore, the clients wanted the interior design project to integrate a series of concepts such as sustainability, innovation, multiculturality and connection with nature.

Our specialists have proposed an urban, colorful, eco-friendly design, which reproduces the atmosphere of a “farmer’s market” and they have managed through various decorative elements to create an atmosphere that will be familiar and comfortable for employees.

Thus, self-service takes the “appearance” of a market with the help of finishes, colors, decorative themes, natural plants and stabilized ones.

The designers have created within this self-service a route that reproduces the idea of a street to complete the concept of market and urban landscape.

The focus of this self-serve design is a minivan, equipped with a refrigerator and two microwave ovens, where employees can keep their food and heat respectively.

The decorative elements used in this self-serve interior design project are part of the portfolio of our main partners, namely Noblesse Interiors.



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