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Generally, when we think of company headquarters, we have in mind rigid office spaces, with sober environment. Today we want to come up with a counterexample presenting an interior design project made by designers Diana Popescu and Petru Bolboceanu from Noblesse Interiors and Studio Insign.

The designers responded to an interesting challenge, namely to arrange the office spaces for Crevedia Farms and they succeeded in implementing the customer’s specific goals: first, to create a design concept that reflects their reinvented brand, and second, getting friendly workspaces in bright colors, that communicate thematically with the outside.

The office area has a total of 300 square meters, including a reception desk, conference rooms, offices and relaxation areas. As we will see from the pictures, the designers have ingeniously included into design the colors of the brand, which are white and red.

The red tone found on the logo is also used on the seatbacks and on the acoustic panels which separates the offices. The company’s logo is printed on the glass of the panels and on the bottom side is the same oversized logo in tones of gray and the same red tone.

Designers have chosen typical office furniture, with all the necessary accessories included: partition panels, cable holders, modesty panels. They have also integrated practical and easily accessible storage furniture. Each office was specially arranged to accommodate a maximum number of people.

Thus, they have gained very well-organized spaces that offer a great comfort and freedom of movement for employees, but are also welcoming and inspiring. And that was the idea, to be a pleasure for the employees to come to the office.

Choosing a bright color palette, the design team has opted on a broader approach for furniture in white and natural tones of wood to make the spaces bright and to create that communion with the exterior.

Wanting to create a symbiosis between interior and exterior, designers team used wallpaper with vegetal patterns (leaves, flowers) that have a refreshing effect and create a comfortable ambience for the company’s employees.

Natural plants have been introduced not only in relaxation area, but also in offices. The plants have an important decorative role and continue the theme of nature. For decorative purposes, designers also used paintings that reflect the brand.

All the products used to arrange these spaces are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.



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Sediu de companie in Craiova – design interior in stil modern


Creating an interior design concept requires a perfect connection between design and functionality, because these spaces must be both practical and welcoming for employees. Our designers include in their office design projects the concept of culture @ work, giving a great importance to the experience of the employees at their workplace.

One of our latest projects is the headquarters of a travel agency situated in Craiova, where our team has developed the concept of design. The interior space of this company consists of two areas: a ground floor, dedicated to the clients, and one floor, which integrates the offices. The stairwell and the floor are linked to the office areas.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant that is stylistically aligned with the general concept of office design. The interior architects combined the finishing materials in an original way: walls covered with wallpaper, ceramic flooring and 3D panels.

The ground floor also includes a seating area with comfortable armchairs and sofas. The serving area consists of a custom bar. This bar is made of wood, with quartz countertop and marble finish.

The floor includes the offices: on the right is the manager’s office, and on the left, the employees’ offices. The lobby contains a waiting area with appropriate furniture.

Offices meet all the requirements of ergonomics and functionality. By example, designers chose office furniture with all the accessories included and ergonomic chairs.

The office spaces are bounded by secured glass walls. The ceiling is lamellar, with wooden finish at 45 degree inclination to create dynamism in these rooms.

The manager’s office conquers through the combination of materials such as solid wood and natural leather, along with the textile wallpaper. Stylish furniture and color accents are some of the elements that offer a stylish look to this space.

The inSIGN team is specialized in office, horeca, commercial and residential projects.



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Terasa companie multinationala – concept de design exterior in stil modern


Before creating any interior or exterior design, our specialists are equally concerned with the wishes and needs of our clients, but also with the specifics of the space to be arranged. Among the latest projects made by the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors teams is the terrace of a multinational company, whose location has been a source of inspiration in style setting.

An important objective of our designers and architects was to integrate this terrace into the urban landscape and, considering that it is an exterior space, they chose weatherproof furniture. The terrace measures an area of 300 square meters, has a capacity of 130 seats and represents a social and dining space for the company’s employees and, occasionally, for parties.

Functionality of the furniture is perfectly complemented by the modern-minimalist design and urban look, which gives to the space a stylish and airy appearance. The furniture pieces are signed by famous designers. For example, the design of the tables was created by Marc Sadler, and the design of the chairs was created by Karim Rashid. They were designed to fit perfectly into the exterior spaces.

Although the furniture has a minimalist design and a seemingly fragile appearance, the pieces provide great resistance to wear. The tables and chairs have versatile design, being suitable for both business terraces and events.

The tables have metal structure and polyethylene coating and lights up in the evening. The chairs are versatile and ergonomic, and can be used in different contexts and environments (interior/exterior). These pieces provide great comfort and resonate perfectly with the modern style of the building.

The umbrellas in the form of tulips have a very large size (6×6 m), are illuminated and equipped with drainage systems. For flooring, designers chose pottery with deck system.

The products used in this design project are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.

Our designers from inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors are experts in home interior design projects, interior design apartments, hotel interior design, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic or modern interior design.



More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.

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We present you an office interior design project for a Digital Marketing Agency. The project involved creating an industrial design in which we preserved the apparent existing concrete and the electrical and thermal installations. We created ergonomic, airy spaces, each piece having a well-defined utility.

The products used in this interior design project are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects specialists.


View the renderings of the project.