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Our team of designers and architects recently completed the 3D interior design project for a spacious apartment located in Pasajul Marasesti area, Bucharest. We opted for a northern, minimalist modern style that will emphasize the taste of the owners and meet their needs.

The living room is designed in a nordic, minimalist style, because we used natural wood accents in the furniture, and the natural pattern of the wallpaper complements the design, adding a special refinement. The design is brought to life and refreshed with color accents visible in pillows and carpets.

The bathroom is made of concrete walls, in a minimalist style, in black and white, its design being complemented by the metal accents of the accessories.

In the kitchen we also opted for a minimalist design, complementing it with color accents, like the pastel blue of the seats. The sliding glass door that separates the kitchen from the living room is embedded in the left side wall, so that when the door opens, the doors retract inside the wall.

The surprise element is the writing board, made with a special paint, designed specifically for the little daughter of the owners.

In both the bathroom and the kitchen we have opted for a matte-embossed ceramic pattern that will give the rooms a special refinement.

In the matrimonial bedroom we chose a gray textile bed accompanied by a beautiful wooden headboard with upholstered panels made in neutral tones. We have built-in LEDs around the headrest to create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere.

Flos suspended luminaires also create a welcoming atmosphere and replace the classical lamps, saving space on the nightstands. They also have the role of creating the feeling of extending the room.

The entire design of this bedroom was created around earthy essences and gray tones, complemented by the white found in furniture, used to open and provide brightness to the room.

The faceted mirrors above the drawer chest have the role of creating space.

In the little girl’s bedroom we created a playful atmosphere with the help of volumetric letters on the wall.

The library that incorporates both a desk and a closet was adapted to the child’s needs.

The design of the office is made with gray shades and blue accents. We used wallpaper on one of the walls to give personality to space. We created a cozy atmosphere with textures found in furniture and decorations.

Again, we used white found to brighten the room.

In the hallway we used pendants and luminaires with a decorative role complemented by green accents of color found in pouf, creating a natural environment that emanates.

The shoe holder on the wall creates the feeling of fluidity in space and the mirrors are designed to create space.

The products used in this apartment interior design project are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.