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For the interior architects inSIGN and the designers Noblesse Interiors, each interior design project has its challenges, but the goal is always the same: to fulfill the customer’s dream by combining their wishes with the creative ideas of designers. Today we present you a mansion design in rustic style with oriental influences, created by our team with products from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

Oriental elements such as handmade natural wool rugs, the nomad pattern of sofas, taffeta stools and decorative cushions create a cultural connection that symbolizes the history of the romanian tradition that has borrowed Ottoman influences across time. These influences were found in most of the noblemen houses, especially in the rooms designed for relaxation.

Along one of the walls were placed the sofas of which design was created by the designers to integrate the radiators. The hand-carved wood furniture contributes to the rustic atmosphere of the space, its dark essence creating a strong connection with the wooden beams from the vaults. The designers have integrated into design a chest, an unique antique piece with renaissance influences from the end of 1800.

On the opposite side, was integrated a hand-crafted library, which includes the access to the wine cellar through a wooden door integrated into the library body. The designers and architects have integrated here and there parts of the original paintings, so they have brought back to life these artworks – an open invitation for visitors to discover the history of the place.

Regarding colors, the designers used shades of red-ocher or blue, and kept the walls in white, using for them a small number of decorations. The lightings fit perfectly into the proposed concept, but the focus was created on furniture, on its fabrics and sculpted shapes.

The wine cellar contains three main areas: a relaxation area, where the guests can join for watching movies or games, a dining area, and a bar area, where can be organized wine tasting. The design team kept the rustic atmosphere of the wine cellar design concept from which the arrangement was started. Thus, here you can find antique wooden carved furniture, brass lamps and oriental carpets in traditional nomad style.

To provide identity to the space, the architects and designers from inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors have used decorative elements specific to wine cellars, such as barrels in the dining room area and metal accents. The TV area includes a sofa accompanied by four demi-chairs and a bar-cabinet, whose countertop can be turned into a dining area. The inner part of the bar furniture is composed by countertop with sink and four lower bodies. On the access wall to the salon area are mounted the wine cabinets.

Our specialists has carefully chosen finishes and textiles to fit perfectly and at the same time to offer a welcoming atmosphere. The dining area is highlighted by the natural wool carpet with traditional details and rustic look that makes us to think of the knightly legends. In the bar area, solid wood furniture with antique look is accompanied by ironware and metal details and antique brass lighting.

The team has concepted a general lighting system, integrating in the vaults a copper pipe installation with spotlights. The designers also integrated lighting bodies which highlights the bricks and help to warm the atmosphere.

The products used in this interior mansion design are entirely part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.

We remind you that we are here to help you to choose a single piece of furniture, as well as for complete arrangements, ranging from rendering to turnkey delivery. The Noblesse Group International team covers the full range of services: products, interior design and project management.

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