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Mansion restaurant – eclectic design project

In this article we will reveal the story of a restaurant design project, as part of a larger project – a traditional style mansion.

The design of this project was inspired by the old noblemen houses. In other words, the finishing materials, the furniture and all the accessories were chosen so as to faithfully reproduce those elements that we can still admire in restored mansions, historical monument houses or traditional houses.

The concept of design was created by our interior architects focusing on materials such as tile, brick, decorative paint or wood. For example, for the floor, our specialists used rectangular cut tiles, arranged in herringbone style (at 45 degrees).

The designers have proposed the apparent brick and antique plaster for the treatment of walls, typical of the boyar mansions. The passing from one material to another is gradual, so that the final finish looks like a natural peeling paint.

At the same time, this gradual transition gave to the designers the opportunity to highlight brick and arches. The plaster blends perfectly with the carpentry of dark wood.

The walls show special details, such as the cincture in the area between the ceiling and the wall with windows or the painted details (frescoes) of religious inspiration. These decorative details were made at the request of the client who offered images to the designers as model.

Our interior architects brought to light certain elements that had previously been a drawback, for example, the two poles that they transformed into attractions by “dressing” them with natural stone or plaster. They also added some wooden beams to create an authentic atmosphere.

A successful combination is the semi-austere carpentry, the glazed windows with painted stained glass and the embroidered semi-transparent curtains.

The lighting solutions proposed by our architects emphasize the boyish aspect of the room. These are inspired by the old wooden chandeliers. The architects has chosen two types of wall sconces.

In the concept of interior design was included wooden furniture of essence enclosed in the style of the manor houses, complete with textiles. The traditional Romanian motifs can be found on the carpets in the traffic and fireplace area.


The introduction of the fireplace and the two armchairs was done in order to create a warm and welcoming appearance. In the dining room area, the designers created a more intimate ambience with the help of a slightly different furniture.

The interior architects Studio inSIGN treated the whole space like a museum, here being found: typical tableware shelves, handmade elements such as a sewing machine and traditional clothing items placed in showcases and enriched with a red velvet finish and LED light perimeter that highlight them.

This restaurant project represents a mix of styles, from traditional Austrian to traditional Romanian, with rustic style textiles, elements with religious motifs that together make up a decor with a special atmosphere as in the interiors of the boyar mansions of yesteryear.



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