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Business Lounge Hotel – design interior in stil casual luxury


An interior design project recently finalized by the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors teams is the business lounge of a 5-star hotel: a multifunctional space that includes a breakfast, lunch and business meeting area for the hotel’s VIP clients.

Our specialists have opted for a style in accordance with the purpose of space, namely the casual luxury style, both stylish and sophisticated, which we find very inspired considering that the space is addressed to a select audience who are very attentive to details.

The interior design proposes some of the most noble materials, such as marble, wood and leather, in surprising combinations. By example, the white marble ceramic flooring finds a Marble Emperador Dark Marble correspondent in order create that desired luxury ambience.

Other associations that give elegance and personality to the interior are wood in dark shades associated with cognac leather and blue and cream textiles. This mix of materials and textures, along with brass inserts, have been the basis of the concept.

The cool aspect of the marble is tempered by the green plants that partially cover the walls. The stabilized plants represent a decorative solution in accordance with the latest eco trends in the interior design, especially as it does not require maintenance.

This interior design focuses to top-quality decorative elements such as elegant sofas in the welcome area, and light fixtures with special details, all of these pieces belonging to internationally recognized brands.

Artworks used in decor, such as paintings, are original pieces created by artists from the Fusion Arts portfolio, which is Noblesse Group International art agency.

One of the challenges of this project was to create that sensation of height that interior architects inSIGN achieved through various architectural solutions such as soffits, spotlights and decorative tricks to visually enlarge the distance from ceiling to floor.


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Alte Proiecte



Bicaz Hotel – Pirates Resort in Mamaia reinterprets the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, being the newest hotel project developed by Studio Insign for lobby areas, Jack’s bar and terrace. The point of attraction is represented by the reception – ship, designed in the smallest detail and delivered by the Studio Insign team.

In this interior design project, thematic elements and special effects have been integrated to create a pirates world-specific atmosphere.

The ship, an oversized element, has been manufactured in a specialized workshop, reproducing exactly the details of an authentic ship. Due to the position of the ship on the resin floor where an underwater image was created, the resulting floating ship effect resulted, the carefully studied lights accentuating this effect.

Of great impact are all the thematic details: the octopus tentacles, the mermaid, the pirate, the grotto area, the treasure chest, theaquarium. Everything has been carefully integrated alongside existing elements, creating a story-like ambiance, desired by the wanted.


View the renderings of the project.


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