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House in Dortmund – luxury interior design

An idea with idea, step by step and the house you want get shaped when the designers you choose understand your personality, aesthetic preferences and practical needs and manage through a smart interior design project to integrate them perfectly.

Today we intend to detail a residential project for a family house in Dortmund, Germany. As we have already been accustomed to, this house project is complex, because each space is designed to meet the needs of each family member. At the same time the interior has a unitary aspect.

Today we intend to detail a residential project for a family house in Dortmund, Germany. As we have already been accustomed to, this house project is complex, because each space is designed to meet the needs of each family member. At the same time the interior has a unitary aspect.

Our interior designers and architects have also teamed up to obtain an exclusive design, paying close attention to all the details. For the living room, they chose parquet flooring, but also special finishes such as Dark Emperador marble (wall) and noble materials, such as high glossy wood, brass, matte and glossy velvet.

Being a room with reduced height, the designers found the solution to use a glossy barrisol that ingeniously complements the aesthetics of the space.

The attention paid to the decorative details is reflected in the solutions found for each space of this house. For example, the luminaires in the hall follow the curvature of the steps, providing a true visual “show”.

The color palette consists of shades of gray, brown, brass and turquoise. The furniture and the rest of the decorative pieces in the dining area are part of Chic and Richmond Collections.

Because the residence is spacious and has many rooms, the owners wanted to allocate a room for a home office, in which the designers chose marble finishes, decorative paint and wallpaper to integrate it stylistically into the design of the home.

Also, a generous space was allocated for designing a home cinema. The design concept focuses on finishes and special objects, such as three-dimensional soundproofing wallpaper and perimeter lights. Designers have chosen relaxing furniture that also offers additional functionality, such as armchairs with supports included for storing various objects.

For the master bedroom, the designers chose the contemporary-luxury style, rendered in design through sophisticated finishes and pieces of furniture, precious, high quality, from Giorgio Collection.

The design concept for bathrooms includes finishes from exclusive collections, such as ceramic tiles that mimic marble. The designers have relied on a selection of ceramic tiles with special patterns.

The girl’s bedroom captures with delicate colors and glam decorative elements that give to the room a feminine and sophisticated appearance, to fit with the personality of the girl.

Our specialists used decorative paint with metallic effect, wallpaper and brass elements to get a precious touch.

The bathroom for the girl’s bedroom is highlighted by a series of finishes and elements such as the wallpaper used on the wall in the bathtub area and the ceramic floor.

The third bedroom surprises with the trendy finishes, tempered colors and beautiful green accents. In the bathroom afferent to this bedroom, we discover a ceramic-focused design that imitates the marble in relief.

More images about this project are available in the photo gallery below.



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Casa fermecatoare readusa la viata – design in stil contemporary luxury


When the magical hand of a talented designer works, the interior space can be transformed and modeled in such a way that the new arrangement to become unrecognizable. We try to demonstrate it through an example of a house whose story will be detailed in this article.

The collaboration with the owners began with detailed discussions so as to the inSIGN team to understand their desires and identify the style which represent them. Once this stage done, the collaboration went easy, and finally resulted a refined interior, which for clients is the ideal home.

Interior designers and architects inSIGN use their know-how to create personalized spaces where the most important requirements – design, comfort and functionality – co-exist in a perfect harmony, and the interior design project for this house doesn’t make exception.

The team mixed materials, textures and colors, so the design created by them faithfully reflects the idea of comfort and contemporary elegance. Decorative elements have been carefully introduced into design scheme to complement each other.

The open-space area consists of a living room, a dining area, a piano and a kitchen. Thus, on a neutral background, we notice strong accents of color, such as black or red, and precious accents, such as silver finishes and gold inserts. In living room, we can see onyx incised with precious materials at fireplace. The racks, lighting fixtures and a piece of furniture come from Eichholtz, an internationally recognized brand.

The dining area is both elegant and welcoming. The glass countertop of the table resonates with the metal surfaces present in the arrangement. The kitchen features the same color palette, with a strogn accent – red color. The furniture and top appliances reflect the same attention of designers for quality and good taste.

This project harmoniously blends design and luxury into an interior that celebrates the idea of being handsome and functional and which is itself an invitation to relax.

All products used in this interior design project are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

The inSIGN team develops turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, interior design hotels, interior design offices, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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