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Bistro project – industrial interior design

Each interior design project comes with new challenges. The teams of designers and architects from inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors respond to them by offering the most creative ideas in order to obtain unique and personalized projects, in accordance with the requirements of the clients, but also with the newest trends in interior design.

Today we bring to your attention an interior design project created for a bistro that is located in a factory, who influenced our designers to chose the industrial-modern style.

The teams of specialists started from the idea of a bistro and a place for meetings that would offer to the clients a comfortable environment with a friendly atmosphere.

The industrial-modern style was implemented in this interior design project through specific elements such as apparent brick walls, wooden furniture, and epoxy resin flooring. The main materials that our design teams have used are wood and metal.

The designers found their inspiration in the “Jazz-rock café” concept which they rendered in this design through elements such as a jukebox, where the people can choose the pieces they want to listen to.

In this interior design project we can see influences from the scandinavian style, the final result being a decoration in a mix of styles that gives originality and personality to the space.

The pieces used in this bistro interior design project are part of Noblesse Interiors portfolio, the main partner of inSIGN studio.

inSIGN team creates interior design projects for hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, interior design projects for commercial spaces, offices and interior design projects for residential spaces.



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The interior design of this 5-star room of Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest was created by inSIGN, member of Noblesse Group International.

Family House - modern interior design


An empty space is like a canvas of a painter: as you add new elements, the shapes begin to acquire contour. The challenge is the same for an interior designer. The project starts from some simple and white spaces which have to become a home, the perfect home for clients.

This home design project for a couple from Germany represents the dream of the whole family. As with other interior design projects, our specialists treated each space with the same importance, paying particular attention to details.

InSIGN and Noblesse Interiors designers chose for kitchen the modern style with fresh accents, premium furniture, state-of-the-art systems and home appliances.

For living room, the owners wanted a decor with a welcoming family atmosphere. To create such an environment, the design team has introduced into the concept of interior design natural elements such as stone and wood.

Some of the surfaces are finished with marble, and the parquet is made of solid wood with marble inserts. For the TV area, the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors specialists have chosen the translucent marble, which has a spectacular effect in decor.

The interior design gains a precious look due to elements such as Onyx. For example, in the wall niches the designers used Green Onyx. The decorative wall (“Waterflow”) offers a fresh air in decor.

This interior design also includes the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms, guest bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, matrimonial bath and hall. The design for these children’s bedrooms is modern-casual, detailed in shapes, colors and playful elements appropriate to their age, but adaptable to the next period.

The designers have created the interior decor taking into account the juniors hobbies (one of the boys prefers the blue color, the other the green color). The team of specialists created for each child a personalized space that offers optimal conditions for study and rest.

Regarding children’s baths, the designers have opted for a “mirror arrangement”, both in terms of positioning of furniture and sanitary items, and of unitary design, differentiated by the chromatic accent in the shower area.

The finish in the shower area is a glass-wallpaper special for such surfaces (blue for one of the bathrooms and green-turquoise for the other), with fresh water landscape.

The washstand is a part of a collection developed in 2019. It features a technical panel that incorporates a tap and an innovative hi-tech phone charging and Bluetooth sound.

The guest bedroom continues the line of modern style approached in the rest of the house and is remarkable by its warm decor and friendly colors that invite you to relax.

This bedroom also integrates a relaxation/socialization area separated from the rest of the room by a decorative panel. The refreshing atmosphere is created with the help of the vegetal motifs present in the decor.

The guest bathroom offers a range of neutral colors, with some accents obtined through finishes and decorations.

The designers have used a special finish for a wall of the matrimonial bathroom. It frames vegetal and mineral elements in an “illuminated glass panel”, which gives to the space a refreshing and unique look.

The laundry-room was thought by designers as a sleeping space too (occasionally, a guest bedroom). The team has integrated a extensible sofa, a module for ironing board, a sink, a washing machine and a dryer.

In order to obtain a generous storage space, the designers have integrated a large cabinet, practically compartmentalized.

The play area was treated as follows: ceramic flooring covered with a carpet, walls decorated with Decora LED panels, Stardust (an effect of a galaxy).

To eliminate the “long hall” effect, the designers divided the hall into three differently treated areas: the first area was delineated by the art-deco floor and metal inserts. The ceiling was treated with wooden profiles and the walls was covered with a decorative finish with pearl effect and a series of modern lights. The middle area is personalized by 3 niches that continue on the ceiling, and the last area (which connects to the inner yard) incorporate two panels. The concept is inspired by the Mediterranean style, this being reproduced by the use of natural finishes (lichens, stone, wood), which is very suitable, as it leads to the nightlife and makes a pleasant transition to the spa area.

This interior design for the house was created with products from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

InSIGN interior designers create interior design for houses, interior design for apartments, interior design for public spaces, office and HoReCa spaces.



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Business Lounge Hotel – design interior in stil casual luxury


An interior design project recently finalized by the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors teams is the business lounge of a 5-star hotel: a multifunctional space that includes a breakfast, lunch and business meeting area for the hotel’s VIP clients.

Our specialists have opted for a style in accordance with the purpose of space, namely the casual luxury style, both stylish and sophisticated, which we find very inspired considering that the space is addressed to a select audience who are very attentive to details.

The interior design proposes some of the most noble materials, such as marble, wood and leather, in surprising combinations. By example, the white marble ceramic flooring finds a Marble Emperador Dark Marble correspondent in order create that desired luxury ambience.

Other associations that give elegance and personality to the interior are wood in dark shades associated with cognac leather and blue and cream textiles. This mix of materials and textures, along with brass inserts, have been the basis of the concept.

The cool aspect of the marble is tempered by the green plants that partially cover the walls. The stabilized plants represent a decorative solution in accordance with the latest eco trends in the interior design, especially as it does not require maintenance.

This interior design focuses to top-quality decorative elements such as elegant sofas in the welcome area, and light fixtures with special details, all of these pieces belonging to internationally recognized brands.

Artworks used in decor, such as paintings, are original pieces created by artists from the Fusion Arts portfolio, which is Noblesse Group International art agency.

One of the challenges of this project was to create that sensation of height that interior architects inSIGN achieved through various architectural solutions such as soffits, spotlights and decorative tricks to visually enlarge the distance from ceiling to floor.


View the images behind the project.

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Concept Design Qreator flagship by IQOS


The proposed design is meant the reflect the concept of the product around which the activities hosted in Villa Oromolu are being developed.


IQOS represents an innovative product that reunites 3 different elements:

  • Nature (tobacco in its original form)
  • Technology
  • Design (fluid & organic)


Main entrance & main hallway

Tobacco Room

Technology room

Hub room


Sales Room


Central room

Music Room

Painting, Photography & Make-up Room

Film & Dance Room

Relaxation Room

The staircase



View the renderings behind the project.



View the picture album of the implemented project.


Alte Proiecte


Pentru echipa noastră, orice nouă provocare se transformă într-un proiect inedit. De data aceasta, provocarea lansată a fost o frumoasă casă din București, Pipera, amenajată în stil contemporan luxury. Întreaga amenajare poartă amprenta stilistică a designerului nostru, Anei Maria Călina, care s-a ocupat îndeaproape de fiecare detaliu al amenajării, cu mult entuziasm și dedicare, folosind produsele din portofoliul Noblesse Interiors.

Locuința beneficiază de încăperi spațioase și foarte luminoase, un element esențial pe care l-am transpus printr-o cromatică de efect. Astfel, am mizat pe o combinație de nuanțe delicate, texturi luxuriante și accente metalice.



Acest dormitor face parte din proiectul Casa Qatar și a fost amenajat în stil contemporan luxury, urmărind linia de design a întregii locuințe. Tonurile pământii bogate, texturile luxuriante,imprimeurile geometrice și accentele metalice insuflă o atmosferă elegantă și masculină.

Baia se află în deplină armonie cromatică și stilistică cu dormitorul de care aparține. Aici întâlnim un amestec echilibrat de tonuri închise și nuanțe luminoase, cu subtile accente de auriu.


Această bucătărie face parte din unul dintre cele mai noi proiecte ale echipei noastre, Casa Qatar. Urmând același stil luxury cu accente orientale, am ales blaturi din marmură, accente metalice argintii și ceramică albă cu model geometric.

Articol scris de Simona Dumitrica



In collaboration with our main suppliers, Noblesse Interiors, we created a modern interior design project for a three star hotel in Braila area.

We have made the interior design for the exterior, the reception area, the staircase of the entire hotel and for each floor.

We chose a colorful, pleasant chromatic palette and used green pastels, shades of brown and shades of blue.

The products used in this interior design project are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects specialists.