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In this hotel room project we will find themes and motifs taken from nature.

Project with products from Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

Design interior Galaxy Bar in Bucuresti


The world is not enough for our Studio Insign team, who married a sky bar with a spectacular celestial theme. A place closer to the moon could not have had a different setting but galactic, as its name would suggest: Galaxy Bar.

It is said that heaven is the limit, but for us it turned out to be our own imagination. Lightings imitating miniature planets, deco details simulating a real constellation, mineral colors, are all transporting to a fascinating out of this world universe. Allow us please to guide you through this space odyssey >>

Up in the sky || lobby

The lobby makes an immediate impression on visitors. This is the reason why the area was designed as a gate to the far side of the galaxy.
The beholder leaves behind a roaming town, while its symbols, the mighty skyscrapers, fall asleep in the starlight. The effect is obtained through the wallpaper. The chrome finishes, an excelent choice for the railing and the pots of flowers, prepares the access to this parallel world. Our galactic traveler would have remarked the bright light spots and the led lighted planter pots, the stars that will light his way.

Galaxy bar || Infinity and beyond

Once arrived, he will notice the ceiling glittering like the myriad stars of the Milky Way. The feeling of open space is accentuated by the glass walls. Their use invites the natural world inside. The ceramic tile flooring leaves the impression that you walk on the moon, a small step and however giant, for that it merely teleports you into space for the first time ever. The palette includes colors drawn from another dimension like blue and gray. The blue-white color couple is found in the metal structure and fabrics. Gray leaves its marks on the seat pillows and the soft veining of the lampshades and reminds us of the impact craters on Mars. Illuminated furniture and fluid shapes make you feel like you have stepped foot on other planet.

Head in the clouds, literally || terrace

The terrace received a strong focus through the accent table, illuminated and crescent-shaped, accompanied by a telescope with black and nickel finish, which fits perfectly into the landscape. This moon will soon become a tourist attraction! The sectional sofa welcomes comfortably a group of friends and even their friends, as it is so generous and encouranges its visitors to relax.

Iced cocktail for me, please! || bar

The bar, this location’s focal point, shows shelves looking like constellations that your inner child would be happy to see again.

Toilets have received a deck featuring an incredible view of the city from above. In this area, our team has intervened on the walls, which were imprinted with the same constellation decorative motif, a recurrent design element of the decoration.
We end our intergalactic trip by focusing the attention on lightings. Just as the stars need darkness to shine bright, we choose to exemplify by nocturnal simulation.
This was definitely to our team a decoration to love to the moon and back.

The products used in this house decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.



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inSIGN studio by Noblesse Group International was designated “Best Interior Design Studio in Romania” at the Architecture Awards, organized by Build Magazine from UK.

The designation “Best interior design studio” is realised by an internal jury based on clearly established criteria such as excellence in the field, the complexity and diversity of projects and the innovations that the company brings to the market. This jury consists in a group of assessors, specialists in this field, which analyze a list of design studios based on extensive research. The members of the jury include BUILD executives, as well as the research team manager, Jeremy Roe, who has enjoyed over 30 years of experience in evaluating programs and competitions in a variety of industries. The jury offers fair competition conditions for all selected interior design studios, with the ultimate goal of recognizing the best and most valuable of them in every country.

This year, following the analysis of all the nominated dossiers and the additional informations that led to the consolidation of the nominations, inSIGN was named “Best Interior Design Studio – Romania”.

Architecture Awards is at the fifth edition with amazing feedback from readers, companies and people who participated in the world-renowned BUILD awards.

inSIGN studio is a member of the International Interior Design Association from UK, alongside the world’s most prestigious interior architecture offices. Its projects have received numerous awards such as the “The Most Office” Boutique Award, and was nominated at the most important international design and architecture competitions such as The International Design and Architecture Awards, The International Hotel & Property Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, “Excellent Architecture” at the German Design Awards, Dezeen Awards.

Camera hotel de 5 stele: design interior de inspiratie nordica


The interior design project for a hotel must take into account the identity of the hotel as a whole, but also the particular features of each space – from reception, event rooms, restaurant to rooms and bathrooms. All these requirements and details have been embedded in this hotel room designed by the inSIGN team, which offers practical and creative solutions and personalized design.

The room and bathroom offer a unitary interior design that meets the highest expectations of a demanding clients who appreciates quality and good taste. InSIGN has chosen objects of scandinavian inspiration pieces.

For the wall behind the bed, our specialists have chosen wallpaper representing a woman’s face that reflects an urban landscape. The bed board was specially designed with smaller dimensions to highlight the wallpaper.

The office furniture and luggage compartment on the opposite has metallic structure painted in bronze and wood and is remarkable for its bold design. The minimalistic silhouette of these pieces avoids the effect of overloading space.

The minimalist design, typical of the Scandinavian style, is found in the sanitary ware in the bathroom. Here the decor is based on the white contrast and the natural shades of wood

The inSIGN team develops turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, hotel design, office design, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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Camera hotel de 5 stele: concept de design interior in stil modern


Being large and complex, design projects for hotels require not only the creativity of designers, but also inventiveness, attention to details and finding the best functional solutions. inSIGN’s large projects include a 5-star hotel in Bucharest. In this article we aim to detail the concept of interior design that our specialists have created for the rooms of this hotel.

Our designers have approached modern-contemporary style in designing this hotel room. An important role has been given to the lighting system, which is asymmetric (right-left). As you can see from the images, there are several types of lighting: ceiling-mounted bodies, bed and table lamps, floor lamps, etc.

In this project the focus is on warm and relaxing colors which help you to sleep, complemented by a strong accent as turquoise. The bed is the central piece and its oversized bed board is made of textile. The camera is equipped with all necessary storage pieces.

The interior designers have found interesting solutions for bathroom, for which they chose the same style and a palette of colors based on contrasts. For example, neutral colors make a inedited contrast with the wall covered with finish Aparici finish, which is highlighted by the pattern of different textures.

The inSIGN team create turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, interior design hotels, interior design offices, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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Camera hotel de 5 stele: concept de design interior cu elemente artistice


Echipa inSIGN, sub coordonarea arhitectului de interior Alessandro Lusito, a realizat proiectul de design interior pentru camerele unui hotel de 5 stele din Bucuresti. Astazi dorim sa va prezentam o versiune luxury de amenajare camera hotel, in care cerintele functionale si cele de ordin estetic au fost implementate si imbinate perfect.

The project provided to use materials such as dark wood (walnut), leather (cognac), and blue textile as accent. A remarkable decorative solution is the wooden panels around the window. Another distinctive feature is the practical lighting solution (lamps) included in bed board.

The challenge started from the need to find solutions for a small space. Therefore, the design of the room was created around the idea of simplicity and using a small number of multifunctional objects in order to use the space efficient. By example, the shelf also has an office role.

Luxurious mirror is just one of the decorative elements with the role of visual amplification of space. It outlines the TV, which it puts the tv in relief. At the same time, the mirror reflects the artistic element on the opposite wall. Designers have turned the visual art (the dance) into a distinctive feature for this room. The painting is framed in an illuminated niche to highlight it.

The project also provided LVT as a flooring solution because it offers resistance to operation as well as to chemical agents. The moquette was chosen to enhance comfort.

The bathroom takes on the colors of the room, so you can see dark nuances of wood combined with blue, which is more significantly here. One of the walls is covered with decorative resin from Alex Turcu.

The inSIGN team develops turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, interior design hotels, interior design offices, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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Casa fermecatoare readusa la viata – design in stil contemporary luxury


When the magical hand of a talented designer works, the interior space can be transformed and modeled in such a way that the new arrangement to become unrecognizable. We try to demonstrate it through an example of a house whose story will be detailed in this article.

The collaboration with the owners began with detailed discussions so as to the inSIGN team to understand their desires and identify the style which represent them. Once this stage done, the collaboration went easy, and finally resulted a refined interior, which for clients is the ideal home.

Interior designers and architects inSIGN use their know-how to create personalized spaces where the most important requirements – design, comfort and functionality – co-exist in a perfect harmony, and the interior design project for this house doesn’t make exception.

The team mixed materials, textures and colors, so the design created by them faithfully reflects the idea of comfort and contemporary elegance. Decorative elements have been carefully introduced into design scheme to complement each other.

The open-space area consists of a living room, a dining area, a piano and a kitchen. Thus, on a neutral background, we notice strong accents of color, such as black or red, and precious accents, such as silver finishes and gold inserts. In living room, we can see onyx incised with precious materials at fireplace. The racks, lighting fixtures and a piece of furniture come from Eichholtz, an internationally recognized brand.

The dining area is both elegant and welcoming. The glass countertop of the table resonates with the metal surfaces present in the arrangement. The kitchen features the same color palette, with a strogn accent – red color. The furniture and top appliances reflect the same attention of designers for quality and good taste.

This project harmoniously blends design and luxury into an interior that celebrates the idea of being handsome and functional and which is itself an invitation to relax.

All products used in this interior design project are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

The inSIGN team develops turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, interior design hotels, interior design offices, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



Alte Proiecte


Pentru echipa noastră, orice nouă provocare se transformă într-un proiect inedit. De data aceasta, provocarea lansată a fost o frumoasă casă din București, Pipera, amenajată în stil contemporan luxury. Întreaga amenajare poartă amprenta stilistică a designerului nostru, Anei Maria Călina, care s-a ocupat îndeaproape de fiecare detaliu al amenajării, cu mult entuziasm și dedicare, folosind produsele din portofoliul Noblesse Interiors.

Locuința beneficiază de încăperi spațioase și foarte luminoase, un element esențial pe care l-am transpus printr-o cromatică de efect. Astfel, am mizat pe o combinație de nuanțe delicate, texturi luxuriante și accente metalice.



Acest dormitor face parte din proiectul Casa Qatar și a fost amenajat în stil contemporan luxury, urmărind linia de design a întregii locuințe. Tonurile pământii bogate, texturile luxuriante,imprimeurile geometrice și accentele metalice insuflă o atmosferă elegantă și masculină.

Baia se află în deplină armonie cromatică și stilistică cu dormitorul de care aparține. Aici întâlnim un amestec echilibrat de tonuri închise și nuanțe luminoase, cu subtile accente de auriu.


Această bucătărie face parte din unul dintre cele mai noi proiecte ale echipei noastre, Casa Qatar. Urmând același stil luxury cu accente orientale, am ales blaturi din marmură, accente metalice argintii și ceramică albă cu model geometric.

Articol scris de Simona Dumitrica



What would you say if you could enjoy the charm and comfort of classical furniture and at the same time be surrounded by many modern pieces? Well, this is possible if you pick the eclectic style. We chose this style for a house in Braila where the owners told us that they want a classic and modern interior at the same time, luxurious, elegant and stylish. We designed the 3D projects for the living room, dining room and kitchen and we tried to harmonize each room perfectly with the other in terms of design and chromatics. Thus, some shades are found in each of these rooms. The living room is decorated with tones of cream, brown and purple highlights, highlights that become the key color in the dining room, being used in the upholstery of the high back seats. The chromatic unit is found in the way we designed the staircase, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, where we also opted for the charming combination between cream and purple. The dining area is higher than the living room and besides the two steps that separate the areas, we created a glass-panel that contributes to the design of the rooms and also adds them value.

The chromatics of the elements represented a priority so that the result would combine the warmth of a comfortable home with the distiction and luxury of classical influences.

All furniture, wallpaper, curtains and accessories were purchased from Noblesse Interiors, our main provider.



View the renderings behind the project.



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