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“The Lake House” is one of the latest interior design projects made by Studio Insign, made in a contemporary style with luxury highlights for a house on the shore of Lake Tei in Bucharest. For this project we chose precious pieces of furniture and decorations in all rooms using materials such as leather, textiles, natural stone and wood paneling.

The house is even more spectacular because it is made up of two living-rooms, one in an open-space along with the dining room and the other in a snug, enjoying a beautiful view of the lake.

In the open-space made up of the living room and dining room, we used complementary colors, such as blue and shades of cream and yellow, creating a bright atmosphere. In the living room we opted for a geometric furniture whereas in the dining room we chose monochrome models to not visually load the space.

The living room walls are an interesting combination of marble and wood paneling elements, made in shades of brown, in tune with the furniture. The cabinets feature bronze elements with Greek motifs, which confer the rooms that luxury air and perfectly blend with the geometric furniture.

The dining room walls are made of a jungle-style photo wallpaper, giving the room personality. For both living room and dining room we chose a combination of dark emperador and emperador light marble carpet, perfectly matched to the walls and furnishings. In both areas we used gold, silver and white decorations, being in a perfect harmony with the whole arrangement.

The open-space living room is separated by a marble wall (including a built-in fireplace) from the other living room, where we chose a simple, creamy and brown chromatic palette, found in the pieces of furniture, in the decorations and in the marble carpet.

In the bedroom we used the same shades used in the design of the snug living room in order to create chromatic unity.

In the dressing room we used precious elements such as gold, found in the design of the chair and the table.

The kitchen was designed in creamy shades, perfectly harmonized with the design of the whole house.

The house has several bathrooms, designed in shades of cream, brown and orange, as well as in shades of blue, being in tune with the whole arrangement.

In the hallway and on the staircase we chose a marble carpet in white and cream tones, the ladder being made of sawed board.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.





Amiral House Modern Style Bucharest is a recently completed project with the designers Studio Insign, Ana-Maria Calina and Bogdan Gheorghiu. We have transformed a house from the 1940s in Bucharest into a very pleasant home, in which we created smart, intelligent spaces, resulting in a functional and practical home. The exterior of the house has Brancovenesti influences whereas in the interior we approached a practical, contemporary style, endowed with the newest systems. On the structure of the old stove we built a bioethanol fireplace and for the fireplace and ceiling cladding we used vintage-style ceramics, which, along with led strip lighting, look spectacular.

Due to the customer’s desire to use neutral colors and well-defined areas using furniture, we created airy spaces. We designed each space differently according to the needs of each family member. Thus, the child’s room features marine elements such as the wallpaper, the lighting fixtures and the decorations, while the pieces of furniture give the room an original look.

The kitchen was ergonomically designed and produced at one of the most important brands in Italy, representing a modern and fresh space.

To give warmth and privacy to the rooms, we used wood in both the floors and furniture in the living room area, in the dining rooms, in the bathrooms, in the hallways and in the staircase.

In the design lighting fixtures, mosaic and decorations we chose to discreetly insert precious finishes such as brass and gold.

Because the owners wanted an intimate and comfortable space for the master bedroom, we used shades of cream and brown.

The most interesting space of this project was the semi-basement, which involved important consolidation and waterproofing works and where we now find a vintage-industrial home cinema, the favorite place for the family.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.



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