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We created a superb 3D project for The Publisher Restaurant, a space on the site of a former factory. Due to its location, we opted for an industrial design style.

In order to best represent this style, we used lighting systems, pulleys, concrete and brick, specific elements of factories and industrial halls.

The solid wood furniture gives the room weight, the coral red seats representing that splash of color that every interior design should have.

Arcades from the entire space are highlighted by geometric lighting.

Because we wanted to create a cozy, intimate and relaxing space, we placed inside the area surrounded by one of the sidewalls and two arches a fireplace on wood, which has a special storage space for wood.

The central element of this restaurant is represented by the bar on which the name of the restaurant is written, a seemingly trivial thing. In fact, the letters are made of an ink that composes and decomposes by a mechanism made of a electromagnet mold that attracts the fluid (a suspension of ferrofluid and oil) and transforms it from an amorphous mass into well-defined forms. The whole concept is based on the desire to transpose us into the future of the printing industry.

The natural ivy on the grill that represents the ceiling of the restaurant creates the link between the interior and the outdoor garden and gives the space extra vitality.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.