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“The Modern House with Luxury highlights” is the project with which we were on the shortlist at The International Design & Architecture Awards 2016, at The International Design Awards 2016.

The team of designers and architects created the interior design for a house in Satu Mare, implementing a turnkey interior design concept with products from Noblesse Interiors portfolio. Also, the exterior areas have been completely redesigned and arranged to meet the demands of the customer, who wanted the green area to be harnessed to its maximum potential. See Architecture Project HERE).

The interior design concept was implemented in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the guest room, in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. All the rooms on the ground floor were made entirely of marble.

The owner wanted the vast spaces of the house not to be loaded with furniture, on the contrary, to remain as free as possible, to emulate luxury and at the same time to be modern.

We considered the design style with luxury highlights being the most suitable for this interior design project so we created the 3D living room design (which we designed with two white fashionable sofas with leather finishes), the master bedroom, the guests bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen (part of Domina Collection).

As you may very well know, the work of an interior designer is not limited to picking the furniture, it also involves arranging the space in all its complexity. Thus, we designed the marble pattern, we plated the walls with MDF using stainless steel joints and we created the interior staircase.

The spiral staircase, designed and custom made of steel and glass represents an important detail of this large project. It is made of stainless steel with dacryl panels and looks like it’s made of faceted glass.

On the high wall that makes the link between the ground floor and the upper floor was laid a 10 m high resin panel that represents a luxuriant landscape. We chose a combination of white and bluemarin, along with the cool elegance of the stainless steel.

The same luxury style with glamor highlights was also used in the design of the sleeping areas, which are highlighted by the extremely refined furniture, but also by the interesting treatment of the walls. Every element of this arrangement emanates elegance.

From a chromatic point of view, neutral colors were complemented by bright tones to further accentuate the contemporary style. The space has been carefully divided to ensure a high functionality, but also to provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Contemporary luxury furniture has been used throughout the interior design.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.



View the renderings behind the project.



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