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Residence in Germany – house project in modern style

The perfect house is difficult or impossible to define, but the ideal home represents all the wishes and expectations of the clients materialized in a house that offers, above all, the unique feeling of home.

This article represents the continuation of a previous presentation about the interior of a house in Germany for which inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors teams worked with passion, using all their skills to obtain the perfect home for its owners.

The interior architects and designers have developed the project for this house which has 500 square meters and which benefiting by a generous area for terrace, courtyard and playground. To combine the preferences of both spouses, our teams chose the contemporary style with luxury influences and art-deco details (the husband finding himself in the modern style, the wife preferring the art-deco style).

The clients wanted the exterior of the house to be finished in warm nuances and the courtyard to be dedicated to the family activities, both relaxing and practical. Our specialists proposal was to divide the courtyard by areas.

Thus, they created several areas as follows: the access area by integrating the water corridor, the play area (with an open view from the dining and kitchen area, to be easy for the parents to supervise their children), the green area, the outdoor dining (equipped with a dining set for 12 persons), the beach area near the swimming pool, which continues with the outdoor terrace serving the orangery.

For the exterior finishes, carpentry and paving, the team of designers used professional materials, in tune with the chosen architectural style. Thus, we find: outdoor sand-ivory ceramics, outdoor decorative stone, wooden slats, anthracite granite, anthracite aluminum joinery.

Access doors with elegant design are made of anthracite perforated sheet.

The fountain made of marble and granite in modern style represents a delightful decorative element and one of the point of attractions of the exterior.

In the courtyard was designed a covered dining area, so useful in the summer months.

Our teams paid a particular attention to the outdoor lighting. The designers have integrated the LED strip on the facades and under the steps to create the floating effect, spotlights integrated into the exterior pavements, lighted balls, but also ambient lights that highlight the architecture of the house and the materials used.

To cover the outside dining area, our designers used as solution a pergola with metallic structure, the roof made of glass panels and wooden decorations.

inSIGN Studio creates house project in modern style, projects in contemporary or classic style, realistic 3D photo renderings, but also implementation of projects, until the stage of delivery turnkey projects.



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Casa in apropierea Capitalei - design interior in stil neoclasic cu influente moderne


We are glad to present you one of the newest interior design projects created by Noblesse Interiors and inSIGN teams. It’s about a house project designed for a family. Our specialists chose for this home the neoclassical style with products from the portfolio of Noblesse Interiors.

The collaboration started after the owners were pleasantly impressed by one of our projects and they wanted the interior design of their home to be created by the same specialists. The interior spaces are brights and wide, and the open colors used in design amplify the sensation of amplitude.

The customers wanted an elegant space, and the neoclassical style was proved to be the best option for them. The living room is highlighted by the refined design and the chromatic contrast of the furniture: on the one hand, solid wood furniture in dark colors, and on the other hand, furniture pieces in light tones.

The team introduced in design some modern elements. The metallic bronze accents are meant to emphasize the elegance of the decor. The products used in fitting out belong to internationally recognized brands.

The living area contains a cozy living room that continues with a small dining area designed in the same colors. The kitchen is harmoniously integrated in this design concept.

The kitchen was decorated in neoclassical style, with modern influences (marble countertop and chairs with simple design). The designers chose travertine flooring and solid wood furniture, elements specific of the classic style.

This house contains another living area that is distinguished by masculine influences. This area features a bar made of solid wood, a relaxation space and a dining area. The beams and pillars are made from wood, which warm the cold atmosphere created by the stone surfaces and metal chrome inserts.

The bar represent an interesting point of attraction. Here we meet the contrast hot-cold by joining stone and wood. Bottle shelves containing fine drinks which offer to the bar that exclusivity note.

The masculine note is reflected in industrial influence lighting systems and materials used in finishes, such as natural stone on the walls and floor from travertine.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, no matter what style you want: classic, eclectic, modern or industrial.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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