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Family House - modern interior design


An empty space is like a canvas of a painter: as you add new elements, the shapes begin to acquire contour. The challenge is the same for an interior designer. The project starts from some simple and white spaces which have to become a home, the perfect home for clients.

This home design project for a couple from Germany represents the dream of the whole family. As with other interior design projects, our specialists treated each space with the same importance, paying particular attention to details.

InSIGN and Noblesse Interiors designers chose for kitchen the modern style with fresh accents, premium furniture, state-of-the-art systems and home appliances.

For living room, the owners wanted a decor with a welcoming family atmosphere. To create such an environment, the design team has introduced into the concept of interior design natural elements such as stone and wood.

Some of the surfaces are finished with marble, and the parquet is made of solid wood with marble inserts. For the TV area, the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors specialists have chosen the translucent marble, which has a spectacular effect in decor.

The interior design gains a precious look due to elements such as Onyx. For example, in the wall niches the designers used Green Onyx. The decorative wall (“Waterflow”) offers a fresh air in decor.

This interior design also includes the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms, guest bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, matrimonial bath and hall. The design for these children’s bedrooms is modern-casual, detailed in shapes, colors and playful elements appropriate to their age, but adaptable to the next period.

The designers have created the interior decor taking into account the juniors hobbies (one of the boys prefers the blue color, the other the green color). The team of specialists created for each child a personalized space that offers optimal conditions for study and rest.

Regarding children’s baths, the designers have opted for a “mirror arrangement”, both in terms of positioning of furniture and sanitary items, and of unitary design, differentiated by the chromatic accent in the shower area.

The finish in the shower area is a glass-wallpaper special for such surfaces (blue for one of the bathrooms and green-turquoise for the other), with fresh water landscape.

The washstand is a part of a collection developed in 2019. It features a technical panel that incorporates a tap and an innovative hi-tech phone charging and Bluetooth sound.

The guest bedroom continues the line of modern style approached in the rest of the house and is remarkable by its warm decor and friendly colors that invite you to relax.

This bedroom also integrates a relaxation/socialization area separated from the rest of the room by a decorative panel. The refreshing atmosphere is created with the help of the vegetal motifs present in the decor.

The guest bathroom offers a range of neutral colors, with some accents obtined through finishes and decorations.

The designers have used a special finish for a wall of the matrimonial bathroom. It frames vegetal and mineral elements in an “illuminated glass panel”, which gives to the space a refreshing and unique look.

The laundry-room was thought by designers as a sleeping space too (occasionally, a guest bedroom). The team has integrated a extensible sofa, a module for ironing board, a sink, a washing machine and a dryer.

In order to obtain a generous storage space, the designers have integrated a large cabinet, practically compartmentalized.

The play area was treated as follows: ceramic flooring covered with a carpet, walls decorated with Decora LED panels, Stardust (an effect of a galaxy).

To eliminate the “long hall” effect, the designers divided the hall into three differently treated areas: the first area was delineated by the art-deco floor and metal inserts. The ceiling was treated with wooden profiles and the walls was covered with a decorative finish with pearl effect and a series of modern lights. The middle area is personalized by 3 niches that continue on the ceiling, and the last area (which connects to the inner yard) incorporate two panels. The concept is inspired by the Mediterranean style, this being reproduced by the use of natural finishes (lichens, stone, wood), which is very suitable, as it leads to the nightlife and makes a pleasant transition to the spa area.

This interior design for the house was created with products from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

InSIGN interior designers create interior design for houses, interior design for apartments, interior design for public spaces, office and HoReCa spaces.



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Casa in apropierea Capitalei - design interior in stil neoclasic cu influente moderne


We are glad to present you one of the newest interior design projects created by Noblesse Interiors and inSIGN teams. It’s about a house project designed for a family. Our specialists chose for this home the neoclassical style with products from the portfolio of Noblesse Interiors.

The collaboration started after the owners were pleasantly impressed by one of our projects and they wanted the interior design of their home to be created by the same specialists. The interior spaces are brights and wide, and the open colors used in design amplify the sensation of amplitude.

The customers wanted an elegant space, and the neoclassical style was proved to be the best option for them. The living room is highlighted by the refined design and the chromatic contrast of the furniture: on the one hand, solid wood furniture in dark colors, and on the other hand, furniture pieces in light tones.

The team introduced in design some modern elements. The metallic bronze accents are meant to emphasize the elegance of the decor. The products used in fitting out belong to internationally recognized brands.

The living area contains a cozy living room that continues with a small dining area designed in the same colors. The kitchen is harmoniously integrated in this design concept.

The kitchen was decorated in neoclassical style, with modern influences (marble countertop and chairs with simple design). The designers chose travertine flooring and solid wood furniture, elements specific of the classic style.

This house contains another living area that is distinguished by masculine influences. This area features a bar made of solid wood, a relaxation space and a dining area. The beams and pillars are made from wood, which warm the cold atmosphere created by the stone surfaces and metal chrome inserts.

The bar represent an interesting point of attraction. Here we meet the contrast hot-cold by joining stone and wood. Bottle shelves containing fine drinks which offer to the bar that exclusivity note.

The masculine note is reflected in industrial influence lighting systems and materials used in finishes, such as natural stone on the walls and floor from travertine.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, no matter what style you want: classic, eclectic, modern or industrial.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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Noblesse Interiors designed this “La Belle Epoque” style home which reminds about Paris, with its chic houses. The building is located in Cotroceni area and belongs to a family with three children. The designers’ objective was to bring back this architectural jewel to his glory by refurbishing and preserving as many original details as possible.

The interior is decorated in eclectic style and combines elements in different classic styles, all on a background in warm colors that turn the interior into a cozy and welcoming home. The designers wanted to create a bright and diaphanous atmosphere. In those low light spaces, like the entrance hall, designers used light tones finishes, lighting and mirrors to reflect the light. The carpentry and the original stucco has not been replaced and the floor has been covered with painted marble. Even it is just a transit space, the entrance hall introduces you gently into the stylish and elegant decor.

The living room was equipped with a relaxing furniture and several storage units with refined details. We notice the perfect synergy between decorative elements, both in terms of style and chromatics.

For a homey atmosphere, the living room was fitted with a fireplace, which enhances the decor alongside the sculpted elements. The furniture is Signorini brand, and the mirrors, Silvano Grifoni.

From living room you can enter in a generous dining room, equipped with a big table and a glass case that covers a whole wall. The stained-glass ceiling is chromatically matched with textiles, especially curtains and carpet.

The arcade is an architectural detail that fluidises the space and gives it a noble look.

The kitchen has an octagonal configuration which concluded the entire arrangement. For example, the ceramic flooring highlights the architectural form of the room, and the perimeter light in the ceiling accentuates the volume.

This cooking space was very practical equipped because the husband has a passion for cooking. So designers have opted for enough storage furniture and a generous marble countertop.

As in the other rooms, the original stucco was kept in the master bedroom. An original item is the frame made on the place of a former door and takes the form of a canopy. The two enclosures of the applications come in addition to this detail.

The master bedroom is arranged in refreshing colors and contains generous storage spaces, where accents colors are reduced to salmon and green textiles.

What make the bathroom from the ground floor to look spectacular is precious elements inspired by oriental design. The walls was fihished with Aparici ceramics and the floor was covered with ceramic tiles which imitate wood flooring with antique look.

The ingenious combination of classic patterns and oriental accents transform this bathroom into a distinct and charming space.

The attic bedroom belongs to one of the owners daughter. In this room, the designers introduced elements of provencal inspiration through floral composition and textures. Being located above the kitchen, this bedroom has octagonal shape, highlighted by the beams. The designers have paid attention to all details. For example, the carpet has a circular shape and patterns that imitate architectural details of the Milan Cathedral. The chromatic palette of this bedroom is dominated by cream and beige, completed by sicam and green accents.

The bedroom of the second girl was designed and arranged later than the rest of the rooms in this house, but it was treated with the same importance and attention. The proposed design is eclectic, elegant and in warm colors with feminine accents such as pink nuances.

The metal accents bed is one of the attractions of the room. It is supplemented by a small sofa positioned near the window. Decorative elements come from famous collections, appreciated for how design complements functionality.

The bathroom for this bedroom proposes a symphony of warm and feminine tones. The idea is the visual continuity and stylistics. Wall and furniture finishes show floral motifs, and golden plumbing batteries find a chromatic correspondent in the bedroom at bed inserts, furniture accents, and lighting fixtures.

For the third girl, the designers proposed the same feminine and sophisticated design, but with stronger chromatic contrasts obtained with green-turquoise textiles.

This bedroom reminds us through all the details about of the sumptuous bedrooms of palaces: the elegant design of the pieces of furniture, the elaborate patterns of the bedding, the fine textures and the atmosphere that emanates grace and feminine expression.

The products used in this house decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.



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Our new ongoing project is a modern apartment in Bucharest. The designers from Studio Insign created a modern space based on a perfect mix of natural elements.

The living room is created in a modern minimalist style, using a neutral palette for the furniture and splashes of colour for walls and decorations.

Rectangular forms are predominant in this room, as we can see in both the furniture and the two frame displays.

In addition to the simple lines of the living room  we added two coffee tables, identical in shape but different in size.

For the living room we chose to accentuate the vertical lines using white apparent brick, a different texture from the rest of the room, but also by playing with green hues.

The real splash of colour in this living room is the orange armchair, which comes in contrast with the rest of the room, giving it a warmer and more balanced look.

The kitchen was designed by Studio Insign designers in a minimalist style, with a mix of natural elements and wood being prevalent. We chose neutral cabinets with plenty of storage space, making this kitchen perfect for an apartment in the city.

The room has a contemporary feel, very fresh and relaxing, due to the presence of natural light and green indoor plants.

One of the two bedrooms follows the same modern style as the rest of the apartment, completing the look with a splash of blue. The wall facing the bed was decorated using the same apparent brick details and frame displays.

The cool undertones are completed by the warm light, making this room perfect for relaxing and disconnecting from everyday struggles.

For the second bedroom we chose green hues, similar to the ones used in the rest of the design. Indoor plants come as a refreshing addition to the natural light, which can be controlled using the blinds.

The products used in this interior design are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects.



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Dragomiresti House - Classic design project


Today we have the pleasure of detailing a classic home design project. Coquetries such as the floral wallpaper almost blossoming in the room, the crystals and the mosaic flirting with the viewer seduce him hopelessly. The ambience created is warm, inviting, favored by the light that floods the room through the large windows. Elegance reigns in every corner, underlined by the golden accents and intricate ornaments.

The decor was created by our Studio Insign designers, Simona Dumitrica and Petru Bolboceanu, all furniture pieces being provided by Noblesse Interiors.

The #Meteora bed catches all eyes grace to the sophisticated headboard. Its shell shape includes hand-carved rose inserts. Together with the fine fabric, they honor the room with a very chic flair.

The dressing table, nightstands and the dresser display distinguished romantic lines, accentuated by the golden finish. The chandeliers seem to be coming from old palaces and solemnly descend from the ceiling.

In the background, you can see the silhouette of the flower pouf. The floral fabric was coordinated with the botanical wallpaper. The swing armchair with solid wood structure and two fabrics upholstered returns through his presence to nostalgic times of yore.

To sum up in just a few words, we have a warm décor for the bedroom, with golden accents, with a glossy white finish for the furniture pieces, fine textures and opulent prints in the sweet, classic style.

The piece that set the tone in the bathroom is the bathtub placed centrally on the wall. It is highlighted by the mosaic and through the special glass chandelier. The glass panels are an elegant solution in delimiting different areas.

For tiling, our designers chose to combine contemporary and classic style. The glazed ceramic displays a circular pattern on the floor and the walls show precise, angled patterns.

The eclectic concept of the bathroom is also emphasized by the furniture: the washbasin body with classic-style fine lines has been accompanied by an art-deco style bench.

The kitchen furniture chosen together with the project’s beneficiary is remarcable grace to the beauty of white fronts with golden details. The ornamental cooker hood and engraved wheat spikes carrying a special message for the owner represent other elements that underline the great attention to details.

In order to maintain harmony, our designers have completed the dining area with classic-style chairs, upholstered with turquoise fabrics, and opted for a medallion floor.

Our designers have also decorated the classic living-dining area, the furniture being defined by the curved lines and the finishes in light tones. The turquoise curtains and decorative pillow bring a splash of color. They also recommended that the fireplace mask would be elegantly carved.

The cassette ceiling gives the feeling of greatness and brings extra room dynamism through LED illumination.

Oriental influences are evident here through wall decorations, Persian carpet in fuchsia shades, the carved back of the armchairs, the decorative panel doors, Moroccan-style lighting.

The elegant and refined ambience that defines the house is also present here through the sofa with voluptuous lines, the ornamental TV frame and the impressive lighting fixtures. The ceiling is personalized with decorative beams that give more space to the room and form a harmonious couple with the floor.

In the playground area and salon, our Studio Insign designers have chosen beige, gray, blue and pink pastels. The wallpaper adds style to the room, and in the right area there is a special paint you can draw on. The sky-like effect of the ceiling has been reproduced with LED lights. The furniture selection is basic: two toy box benches and bookshelves, a tent made of textile and a swing.

We are going to complete the presentation of this project with new decorations, each enriched with precious details: children’s rooms, hall, dressing room, office.

The products used in this house decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.



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Balotesti House – neoclassical interior style, with colonial influences


A very interesting project under implementation is the arrangement of the house from Balotesti in neoclassical style, with colonial influences. The generous property also includes a hobby home, with gym and jacuzzi. The décor has various influences, Mediterranean, modern, industrial, therefore an eclectic and surprising approach at each corner.

The matrimonial bedroom is infused with art-deco details, the bronze conquering the room. We see it at the legs and ornaments of the furniture in the #Aura collection, from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio. The color palette is dominated by creamy hues, turquoise being used as an accent color. We observe the elegant wallpaper, the Venetian glass chandelier. Original is the lodge arranged in the room.

Above, we see in detail the mentioned lodge, furnished with armchairs and a table, furniture pieces with beautiful design and luxurious materials: leather and marble. The area is highlighted by the ceiling with LED lighting. The vision belongs to our colleagues, the architect Alessandro Lusito and the interior designer Ana Maria Calina.

The matrimonial bath is similar to a spectacular SPA. Access to the bathtub is made by stepping on a travertine patform with fine bronze inserts. The bathtub is a technical innovation from #Treesse, with temperature stabilizer and Infinity Edge mechanism. Viennese style curtains create a distinctive atmosphere and make us forget that the space is a bathroom.

Classic-style furniture garnishes the room and in the left corner we see the shower, separated by a glass panel from the rest of the space.

The rooms we have already presented are part of a building communicating through a tunnel with the hobby home, a project of our architect Alessandro Lusito. This loisir area integrates the living room and a dining, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and the fitness center.

We present the first sector, consisting of a living room, dining, kitchen and bar.
We will then detail the two versions proposed to the client, the first is closer to the Mediterranean style, and the second is a more vintage-industrial approach.

Let’s particularize the first proposal. The general style can be described as eclectic with rustic elements, highlighted by the presence of wood, the antler chandelier, the animal patterned rug, which create the atmosphere of a mountain mansion.

The Mediterranean inspired silhouette of the seats spices the decor, making a beautiful couple with the cotto toscano floor. Interesting is the the floor medallion, the decorative tiles forming a ceramic carpet.

The kitchen was furnished with vintage pieces from #MarchiCucine. The lighting system is not integrated in the wall, a touch of the industrial style. Also, the apparent brick is a direct reference to the typical industrial setting.

The second option involved the inclusion of iron furniture. The decor is more relaxed and airy. The wood of the ceiling is dyed in a lighter color, the sofas finishing is brighter as well. The Sassi del Piave Travertine occupies is at home in the kitchen area.

Floral motifs are an expression of the Provencal style.

The Jacuzzi room is styled with ceramic flooring, manufactured to mimic the look of natural stones. Includes massage seats with heating function and hammam sauna. Behind the seats our architects placed a stone wall and bamboo plants. LED spotlights were integrated in order to bring extra drama.

It includes massage seats with heating function and hammam sauna. Behind the seats our architects placed a stone wall and bamboo plants. LED spotlights were integrated in order to bring extra drama.

Finally, we visit the gym room, decorated by our colleagues, Alessandro Lusito and Petru Bolboceanu, quite different from the rest of the house. The style is youthful, dynamic. PVC flooring with natural stone impression represents an ingenious solution. It is more resistant to mechanical stress and moisture, more soft, thus fully respecting the function of the room. The chosen wallpaper displays motivational quotes.

The products used in this home decoration are part of the portfolio of our colleagues from Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.



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Casa fermecatoare readusa la viata – design in stil contemporary luxury


When the magical hand of a talented designer works, the interior space can be transformed and modeled in such a way that the new arrangement to become unrecognizable. We try to demonstrate it through an example of a house whose story will be detailed in this article.

The collaboration with the owners began with detailed discussions so as to the inSIGN team to understand their desires and identify the style which represent them. Once this stage done, the collaboration went easy, and finally resulted a refined interior, which for clients is the ideal home.

Interior designers and architects inSIGN use their know-how to create personalized spaces where the most important requirements – design, comfort and functionality – co-exist in a perfect harmony, and the interior design project for this house doesn’t make exception.

The team mixed materials, textures and colors, so the design created by them faithfully reflects the idea of comfort and contemporary elegance. Decorative elements have been carefully introduced into design scheme to complement each other.

The open-space area consists of a living room, a dining area, a piano and a kitchen. Thus, on a neutral background, we notice strong accents of color, such as black or red, and precious accents, such as silver finishes and gold inserts. In living room, we can see onyx incised with precious materials at fireplace. The racks, lighting fixtures and a piece of furniture come from Eichholtz, an internationally recognized brand.

The dining area is both elegant and welcoming. The glass countertop of the table resonates with the metal surfaces present in the arrangement. The kitchen features the same color palette, with a strogn accent – red color. The furniture and top appliances reflect the same attention of designers for quality and good taste.

This project harmoniously blends design and luxury into an interior that celebrates the idea of being handsome and functional and which is itself an invitation to relax.

All products used in this interior design project are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

The inSIGN team develops turnkey interior design projects, interior design projects for apartments, house interior design projects, interior design hotels, interior design offices, each project being a real challenge, regardless of the style approached.

More 3D photo-realistic images are shown in the gallery below.



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Craiova House - Contemporary luxury interior design


Our latest interior design project was designed for a special home in Craiova. The general approach was contemporary luxury with art nouveau influences. The scenery is remarkable by the use of large ceramic tiles of 1.5 x 3 meters.

Impressive are the mosaic, the varnished solid wood furniture, as well as the precious materials used, such as Swarovski crystals or nabucco leather. The atmosphere is sumptuous, created especially by the chic lines of the furniture signed by #Fendi, #AstonMartin or #VisionnaireHome and by the glamorous note of the #Sicis mosaic.

Our interior designers created a mesmerizing sensory experience when giving shape to the space capsule, prepared for the youngest member of the family. The atypical geometric shapes and high-tech facilities are present in the bedroom and the boy’s bath, who wanted a trendy setting, ready to reach the near future. Read below detailed information regarding the ultramodern solution found for him.

For the living room, the heart of the house, our designers chose terracotta shades, lighted by golden, solar accents. The generous sofa has large pillows and invites you to relax. Add a sophisticated note the metal insertions and the expressive imprint of the large ceramic tiles. As a precious note, a fireplace was also included. The ceiling made of mirror reflects elegance and refinement.

The area of the bar is also impressive. The high legg chairs have a distinguished graphic outline. The golden accents shine bright and make the décor a star in the house. The complicated cocktails have found the scrumptious red carpet to make their appearance like celebrities do at the party!

This golden accent scenario repeats in the dining area, where it is accompanied by the glossy finish of the furniture. Geometry is obvious in the table’s lines and the seat backs are diamond shaped.

Our clients wanted a matrimonial bedroom with sophisticated prints, a demand that Studio Insign embodied with metal and leather inserts, as well as grace to the Swarovski crystal painting. The balance is ensured by the straight lines. This golden finish creates a visual simphony as it brings together the various elements. The dominance of warm beige creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

The modern matrimonial bathroom project has the walls covered in ceramic tiles. The space is lighted by the #Versace mosaic and the shiny furniture. The #studioinsign team paid special attention to the details: the sink is gold, the bathroom radiator has laso a decorative role and draws attention by its unexpected shape. For intimacy, we used a ripple wall, as shown on the left of the image. The floor has a hidden, discreet channel for water drainage.

We mention here the guest bath, located on the ground floor, which received a statement piece, the customized mosaic, harmoniously integrated in the room. What you see in the mirror is a radiator. Its unique design makes it easy to be confused with a decorative piece.

The gold, this main character of the house, refines the reception area, where it is accompanied by the marble of the coffee table.

We are now stepping in the space capsule designed by Studio Insign for the boy. The bedroom, the office, divided into the working area and the relaxation area, the bathroom and the dressing make a discordant note with the rest of the house. The innovative design predominates, as well as the intelligent integration of technology. We stop in the boy’s bedroom, designed as a journey into the cosmos. Placing mirrors on two parallel walls creates an effect of infinite space. The base made of colorless plexiglass generates the effect of imponderability. Decorative paint gives the impression of a starry sky.

The boy bath project seems to come off a SF movie. 3D ceramics are highlighted by silver tones. The black ceiling includes futuristic LED bands. These are also found in the bathtub and washbasin. The toilet is 2 in 1, also having a bidet function. Equipped with a presence sensor, it can be connected to a remote control with programmable functions on the phone. The shower is upgraded to a multi-functional showerhead, the towel radiator has a state-of-the-art design.

Our clients also ordered an office project for the boy. The #studioindign designers put into practice the desired theme, waiting for the future. Turns heads the #KarimRashid sofa. The room is divided into the study area and the relaxation area. The original combination of dark blue and vernile colors impresses the room with dynamism and energy.

The guest bedroom was decorated with a mountain theme. Remarkable is the geometric ceiling, which seems to complement the line of the mountains illustrated on the wall. The pleasant and calm colorful palette invites you to a restful sleep. The blue color induces a state of tranquility, along with neutral creamy, beige and greyish shades.

These elegant notes get out of the house, where cornices and columns were used. Fabulous is the art nouveau balustrade, which consistently closes this contemporary luxury interior design.

The products used in this home decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.



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Casa Pipera - Design interior in stil colonial


Studio Insign’s last project is a spacious house in Pipera, with a colonial style interior design. This particular style is best known for including a large variety of eastern elements, coming from regions colonized by Britain. These include Caribbean, Indian, Indonesian and even Chinese influences.

The living and dining area benefits from a generous open space. The warm beige hues used throughout the room are one of the characteristics of the colonial style. The blue accents are a reminiscence of the ocean waves or the sky.

The central piece of the dining area is the table with ornamental details which remind us of a complicated rattan braid. Thanks to the glass table, the room does not look crowded, but very spacious and bright.

The kitchen benefits from a generous space, too. Our designers chose light wooden furniture to accentuate the natural light. The corner bench is the blue splash of colour of the room, completing the colonial atmosphere.

Brown hues dominate the matrimonial bedroom. The patterns are also specific to the colonial style. Our designers used the same pattern for both the curtains and the throw pillows.

The furniture consists of large solid wood elements, suited for a spacious home. The big panel bed is also specific to the colonial style. The walls are decorated with subtle framed paintings, keeping in mind the colour scheme of the entire room.

The office has a more sober feeling, without compromising comfort. Here we can see, once again, the blue accents, similar to the rest of the house. Another important element is the visual contrast between the dark pieces of furniture and the lighter ones.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts. You can find more 3D photorealistic images in the gallery below.




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