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The interior design of this 5-star room of Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest was created by inSIGN, member of Noblesse Group International.

Business Lounge Hotel – design interior in stil casual luxury


An interior design project recently finalized by the inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors teams is the business lounge of a 5-star hotel: a multifunctional space that includes a breakfast, lunch and business meeting area for the hotel’s VIP clients.

Our specialists have opted for a style in accordance with the purpose of space, namely the casual luxury style, both stylish and sophisticated, which we find very inspired considering that the space is addressed to a select audience who are very attentive to details.

The interior design proposes some of the most noble materials, such as marble, wood and leather, in surprising combinations. By example, the white marble ceramic flooring finds a Marble Emperador Dark Marble correspondent in order create that desired luxury ambience.

Other associations that give elegance and personality to the interior are wood in dark shades associated with cognac leather and blue and cream textiles. This mix of materials and textures, along with brass inserts, have been the basis of the concept.

The cool aspect of the marble is tempered by the green plants that partially cover the walls. The stabilized plants represent a decorative solution in accordance with the latest eco trends in the interior design, especially as it does not require maintenance.

This interior design focuses to top-quality decorative elements such as elegant sofas in the welcome area, and light fixtures with special details, all of these pieces belonging to internationally recognized brands.

Artworks used in decor, such as paintings, are original pieces created by artists from the Fusion Arts portfolio, which is Noblesse Group International art agency.

One of the challenges of this project was to create that sensation of height that interior architects inSIGN achieved through various architectural solutions such as soffits, spotlights and decorative tricks to visually enlarge the distance from ceiling to floor.


View the images behind the project.

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Apartament hotel de cinci stele – design interior in stil modern


In urma cu ceva timp, echipa inSIGN a realizat un amplu proiect de design interior pentru un hotel de cinci stele din Bucuresti. Acest proiect de design interior hotel a fost completat cu un proiect de amenajare apartament, despre care vom vorbi in acest articol.

Obiectivul arhitectilor de interior inSIGN a fost crearea unui design care sa se alinieze conceptului general propus pentru acest hotel. Prin urmare, au ales stilul modern-contemporan si o gama cromatica intima, care invita la relaxare.

The apartment is an open-space, day area consisting of a living room, a dining and a kitchen, with a fluid passage from one function to another. Because they had an asymmetric space to arrange, our specialists wanted to highlight it using a special furniture.

The designers used in the day area neutral colors and some accents introduced through blue sofas and orange armchairs. The luxurious note was obtained by using the glossy metallic elements in the design scheme.

The brass details present at the wall finishes, the lightings and decorations give to the interior a precious look. In this decor we can see a scenographic element represented by the built-in aquarium in the wall. The decorations are meant to take the space out of the banal and give it that distinction mark.

The kitchen proposes a neutral colors, where dominates gray nuances, in contrast to the open marble that covers the wall above the countertop.

The bedroom is distinguished by the elegant decor and the intimate atmosphere, achieved through dark-colored finishes. The remarkable elements of this room are the wallpaper with brass inserts and bedside tables with brass finishes which create that luxury look.

The architects equipped the room with an enclosed cupboard in the wall niche. All the products used in this arrangement proposed by inSIGN are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

Mai multe imagini cu acest proiect sunt disponibile in galeria de mai jos.

Arhitectii de interior inSIGN creeaza proiecte de design interior case, proiecte de design interior apartamente, proiecte de design interior hoteluri, proiecte de design interior office-uri, in care abordeaza orice stil de amenajare, de la clasic sau eclectic si pana la concepte de design interior in stil modern sau minimalist.

Echipa Noblesse Group International acopera intreaga paleta de servicii: produse, design interior si proiectare.

Autor: Loredana Preda


See the 3D images behind the project.

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Penthouse hotel - modern interior design concept


The inSIGN team created this interior design project for a penthouse hotel located in Bucharest. To decorate the space, the interior architects have chosen the modern-minimalist style and have integrated in decor elegant and subtly pieces to suit the business people.

The lightings and furniture pieces have a simple geometry to fit the chosen style. This is also avaible for accessories, such as the wall clock, which highlights a part of its elements. Through the thin metal structure, the furniture pieces in the relaxation area create the senzation of floating.

The composition created using wallpaper represents a common decorative element for the ground floor and the first floor. Very light shapes that overlap with this decorative element lead our mind to the creations of Lucio Fontana.

The color palette consists of warm tones that are found in walnut wood and other shades of wood, white accents and strong accents such as dark blue and the green elements. This color scheme continues in the kitchenette.

Upstairs there is a bedroom. Being a space where more privacy is desired, inSIGN architects chose dark colors such as anthracite, blue and dark wood. The moquette in an open shade highlights the decor elements like TV stand.

More images of this project are available in the gallery below.

The inSIGN studio creates interior design projects for houses, interior design projects for apartments, as well as interior design projects for hotels, office interior design projects, in any style, from classic or eclectic style to modern or minimalist style.

The Noblesse Group International team offers the full range of services: products, interior design and interior design services.


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Apartament hotel – implementare a conceptului de coliving


The creation of an interior design project starts from two almost as important aspects, whether we are talking about a HoReCa interior design project or a residential project: the characteristics of the space and the typology of the users.

Until recently, hotel rooms were associated with the idea of a dormitory, but hotel owners are constantly reinventing themselves with an increasing desire to offer more than just a simple accommodation, but a pleasant and complete experience that covers a multitude of more and more diversified needs, such as relaxation, sleep, work, food preparation etc.

In this context, appears the concept of coliving, which is not very new, but its contemporary form has gained a great importance in recent years due to combinations of complex factors.

Today we want to talk about how was implemented the concept of coliving in an interior design project. The inSIGN team started with a moodboard to show a clear “picture” of such as space, then they created a complet interior design project for a hotel apartment.

The interior architects included several areas: sleeping, relaxing, working, storing, dining and cooking (a kitchenette). The design scheme has taken into account the types of customers who need such spaces: business travelers who travel a lot and who stay in hotels for more than 1-2 days.

Such people share the same values and philosophy. This typology becomes widespread, a fact which determine the owners to rethink the space of accommodation. The design project created by inSIGN has been based on a series of common ideals: internationality, community, cohabitation, all of these are found in the concept of coliving.

The concept design was approached not as a point of arrival but as a continuation of the journey into an international, refreshing experience.

The interior space is divided into several areas with distinct features: a relaxing and sleeping room with a bed and storage space, a small work area, a living area with dining (bar area) and a kitchenette equipped with the necessary appliances.

All of these areas are decorated in modern style, the areas being separated by colors and specific furniture. The arrangement has a uniform look obtained through balanced chromatics and retro decorative elements.

In the bathroom we find the same style of decoration, the small space being highlighted using unique finishes and visual effects elements such as lighting fixtures.

Interior architects inSIGN create interior design projects for houses, interior design projects for apartments, interior design projects for hotels, interior design projects for offices, where they approach any design style, from classic or eclectic to design concepts interior in modern or minimalist style.


More images with this project are available in the gallery below.

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Lobby Hotel Novotel, Bucuresti - design interior modern


Novotel Lobby is the project with which we were accepted and were on the shortlist at the International Hotel & Property Awards 2016 from the International Design Awards 2016.

It involved designing the lobby for Novotel Hotel, Bucharest, respecting and applying the customer’s requirements from the branding book.

Our team created a welcoming, cozy & fresh design using furniture signed by renowned designers worldwide in pleasant cream and beige tones, highlighted by strong color accents.

In the continuation of the lobby, we created a comfortable work area.

The products used in this hotel interior design project are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects specialists.



View the renderings of the project.



View the photo album of the implemented project.



View the video of the implemented project.



Concept design centru balneo&wellness Golden Lake


Interior design projects in hospitality represent an exciting challenge for our Studio Insign team. The variety of services that a hotel unit offers includes multiple customized solutions. The Golden Lake Hotel hosts a medical center for balneal treatments based on mud and salt water, equipped with medical cabinets, a salt water pool, as well as other facilities such as a conference room, an event hall, a restaurant à la carte and a self-service area. Each of these spaces raises particular requirements, for which we have looked for practical answers, having permanently in mind the specific identity of the hotel. It has resulted in a unitary interior design concept that responds to the highest expectations and attracts a demanding audience.

The camera in the picture above receives its guests with the warmth of the powdered tones of cream and beige. The wood outlines a cordial atmosphere, and the leather upholstery – a more intimate feel. Comfort is at home. The large bed with high headboard and the generous armchair, as well as the nightstands with large storage space, create the conditions for a restful and practical accommodation.

The bordeaux-green complementarity impresses the hallway with an individualized appearance, creating a pleasant setting even for slightly longer waiting time.

The bathroom continues the same chromatic scheme, featuring ceramic tiles in delicate shades of almond, creamy latte and beige, harmoniously associated. The airy impression of the space is assured by the glass panel mounted on the bathtub. The details highlight the elegance of this design’s manners: the impress of the washstand and the graceful play of the mosaic captivate attention. The washbasin combines natural elements like marble and wood, capturing the organic clime of the room.

For the modernly furnished conference room, the Studio Insign architects chose white furniture and bordeaux upholstery, avoiding the monotone gray or the so cold blue. The space was spared by studying the display of the seats. The other specific equipments respond to the highest technological standards. The sound-absorbing panels, this sine qua non for a conference room, are round-shaped and at the same time play their decorative role. A dynamic arrangement, given by the round outlines, not too serious, angular, in energetic colors, which inspires a casual smart décoration.

For the bathroom serving the conference room, the Studio Insign architects have chosen rectangular sinks to which they have harmonized the precise graphic details of the ceramic tiles. Here the lines are clear and clean. The copper inserts from the mirror frame and used to trim the decorative ceramic become a connecting thread for the various elements of the décor.

At the reception of the medical cabinet, we can find the immaculate white furniture, animated by the colored lights scenario, a very inspired tocuh of liveliness. Impressive is the 3D panel with built-in light, a state-of-the-art subdivision solution. The lighting system allows programmed color change.

The green occupies its place in the waiting hall grace to the green wall paint and the plants that invite nature indoors. A breath of fresh air for an area often wearing a neglected look.

Usually white in hotels, walls have received a special treatment with decorative paint in contrast, to save them from banality.


We have arrived in the medical cabinet, furnished with white furniture that shows bordeaux and vernil details. Together, they have the power to liven the room and create a pleasant atmosphere for pacients.

Also on the ground floor is the bathroom. Access is made through a waiting area that comes out of anonymity grace to the stabilized lichen at the edge of the mirrors. This is a unique and exciting maintenance-free 3D effect.

The countertop is made of marble, and the walls are marble-finished, so it’s all natural in here as well.

The slate dresses the columns that guard the pool. With integrated lights, therapeutic saltwater and jacuzzi, the pool will definitely become a great attraction for its visitors.

Saunas are on the menu of this décor, for which our architects have prepared a waiting area with a slate wall and an accent, green-painted wall, that reminds us once more that nature is closer to us than we might think.

This hotel design project captures what we can easily call “interior landscapes,” the décor being energized by natural elements such as stone, marble and wood, as well as by the vegetal colors. Stabilized lichen are another organic solution for an interior that inspires freshness and vitality. We invite you to follow the entire Golden Lake project, which includes the décor of the reception and the bar areas. Here as well we have strictly followed the owner’s requirements, outlining a distinct and unitary identity.

The products used in this house decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

We are at your disposal for home interior design projects, interior design apartments, interior design hotels, interior design offices, whether it’s a classic interior design or a modern interior design.


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Sala de evenimente Golden Lake – decor interior in stil eclectic, cu accente art deco


Golden Lake, this large project of ours underway in this very moment, also includes an event hall interior design. We mentioned in a previous article that our team also provided the decor for the restaurant dining room.

The transition from the lobby we have already written about is guaranteed by a series of elements such as: the walls and pillars in the same wood, the recommended white marble, the modern style with art deco accents, the luxury flair.

The marsala color adds more force to the ethereal setting in beige shades. The walls are personalized with wood and customized with embossed wallpaper and decorative panels, all sound-absorbing materials. The ambience becomes festive, even imperial, grace to the golden accents. The timeless marsala-gold chromatic pair is captivating.

The flooring marriages two types of marble, white and emperador light, and embodies brass inlays, being created by ourselves and then coordinated with the metal rail in the same art deco spirit.

The area of interest is represented by the magnetic stage. There has been a lot of work on its emphasis, especially through the architectural lighting scenarios that underline the pillars, but also through the ceiling and side walls. The main character in the hall, the theater like stage, attracts more attention as it has an epic back panel of great size. Made of wood, marble and metal, it is a decorative piece all by itself.

The dance floor is a mirror image of the round profile from the ceiling. In fact, all round shapes were specifically chosen to create a common language with the tables, but also to temperate all rigidity of the space.

The luxurious atmosphere is highlighted by the golden inserts and those sophisticated chandeliers. At the same time, our team, made up of architect Alessandro Lusito, designer Diana Popescu and lifestyle lover Loredana Preda, proposed a colored LED light scenario. The formula was possible especially due to the neutral design tones: wood, white marble and cream, creamy wallpaper, light-toned carpet, only with fine marsala stripes – this color defining the Golden Lake’s identity. This way, depending on the theme of the event, you can choose the color of lights, of the floral arrangements, etc.

A great visual attraction is the barisol printed with Renaissance scenes in the so called trompe l’oeil technique, to give depth and a dramatic dimension to the space. The chosen theme was classical, monumental, recalling the appearance of a cathedral.

We end here our journey by mentioning that you can always rely on our complete services. The first step is to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists from Studio Insign in order to detail your project. Please find here the contact information.


The products used in this interior design hotel are entirely from the portfolio of our main partners, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey project experts. More photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.


View the renderings of the project.

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We have restored the façade of Salis Hotel & Medical SPA 4 * Turda and managed to give it a new look in perfect harmony with both the interior design of the rooms and the whole 4-star hotel concept equipped with a spa that includes the swimming pool, sauna area, hammam, massage salon etc.

The details accentuated by red-brown tones are meant to differentiate this beautiful hotel from all the other buildings. Another important element is the architectural lighting of this building. The whole team worked on the exterior and interior architecture of this hotel.



View the renderings behind the project.



View the picture album of the implemented project.