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Penthouse hotel - modern interior design concept


The inSIGN team created this interior design project for a penthouse hotel located in Bucharest. To decorate the space, the interior architects have chosen the modern-minimalist style and have integrated in decor elegant and subtly pieces to suit the business people.

The lightings and furniture pieces have a simple geometry to fit the chosen style. This is also avaible for accessories, such as the wall clock, which highlights a part of its elements. Through the thin metal structure, the furniture pieces in the relaxation area create the senzation of floating.

The composition created using wallpaper represents a common decorative element for the ground floor and the first floor. Very light shapes that overlap with this decorative element lead our mind to the creations of Lucio Fontana.

The color palette consists of warm tones that are found in walnut wood and other shades of wood, white accents and strong accents such as dark blue and the green elements. This color scheme continues in the kitchenette.

Upstairs there is a bedroom. Being a space where more privacy is desired, inSIGN architects chose dark colors such as anthracite, blue and dark wood. The moquette in an open shade highlights the decor elements like TV stand.

More images of this project are available in the gallery below.

The inSIGN studio creates interior design projects for houses, interior design projects for apartments, as well as interior design projects for hotels, office interior design projects, in any style, from classic or eclectic style to modern or minimalist style.

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Sala de evenimente Golden Lake – decor interior in stil eclectic, cu accente art deco


Golden Lake, this large project of ours underway in this very moment, also includes an event hall interior design. We mentioned in a previous article that our team also provided the decor for the restaurant dining room.

The transition from the lobby we have already written about is guaranteed by a series of elements such as: the walls and pillars in the same wood, the recommended white marble, the modern style with art deco accents, the luxury flair.

The marsala color adds more force to the ethereal setting in beige shades. The walls are personalized with wood and customized with embossed wallpaper and decorative panels, all sound-absorbing materials. The ambience becomes festive, even imperial, grace to the golden accents. The timeless marsala-gold chromatic pair is captivating.

The flooring marriages two types of marble, white and emperador light, and embodies brass inlays, being created by ourselves and then coordinated with the metal rail in the same art deco spirit.

The area of interest is represented by the magnetic stage. There has been a lot of work on its emphasis, especially through the architectural lighting scenarios that underline the pillars, but also through the ceiling and side walls. The main character in the hall, the theater like stage, attracts more attention as it has an epic back panel of great size. Made of wood, marble and metal, it is a decorative piece all by itself.

The dance floor is a mirror image of the round profile from the ceiling. In fact, all round shapes were specifically chosen to create a common language with the tables, but also to temperate all rigidity of the space.

The luxurious atmosphere is highlighted by the golden inserts and those sophisticated chandeliers. At the same time, our team, made up of architect Alessandro Lusito, designer Diana Popescu and lifestyle lover Loredana Preda, proposed a colored LED light scenario. The formula was possible especially due to the neutral design tones: wood, white marble and cream, creamy wallpaper, light-toned carpet, only with fine marsala stripes – this color defining the Golden Lake’s identity. This way, depending on the theme of the event, you can choose the color of lights, of the floral arrangements, etc.

A great visual attraction is the barisol printed with Renaissance scenes in the so called trompe l’oeil technique, to give depth and a dramatic dimension to the space. The chosen theme was classical, monumental, recalling the appearance of a cathedral.

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The products used in this interior design hotel are entirely from the portfolio of our main partners, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey project experts. More photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.


View the renderings of the project.

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