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Self-service 2 – modern interior design project

When designing interior spaces, our teams from inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors aim to obtain decors that offer to users a complete experience, regardless of the type of space.

In the following lines, we present a project of interior design in modern style created for a self-service that is inside a new factory.

This is the second project designed in modern style in which our specialists use an urban theme, this time a cityscape rendered by elements of interior architecture that take various forms, such as the exteriors of houses, or the finishing that shows as the map of a subway.

Like the self-service presented here, it also belongs to a company with employees from different countries and belonging to different cultures. Thus, the interior design project includes concepts such as sustainability, innovation and multiculturalism.

In this project the emphasis is on eco-friendly design, encouraged by the help of natural and stabilized plants that induce the feeling of connection with nature. The idea of natural is reinforced by the use of a color that is very common in nature: green.

Such an environment is meant to help employees get rid of daily stress and to load up with energy during the times when they eat.

One of the elements harmoniously integrated into decor is a minivan equipped with refrigerator and microwave ovens, where employees can heat their food.

The pieces of furniture used in this self-service interior design project are part of Noblesse Interiors portfolio, the main partners of inSIGN studio.



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