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Herestrau apartment - eclectic design project

A new apartment design project just reached our Studio Insign portfolio, a collaboration that deeply delighted us, given the special aesthetic sensibility of the inhabitants. When art and passion for beauty meet, the result is overwhelming. These fervent art collectors’ desire was to find a place for the valuable pieces they own. Silk carpets, paintings and mirrors, statues and accent tables spend a lot of time around one another, flirting in this eclectic décor.

The space was created by the Studio Insign designers, Diana Popescu and Petru Bolboceanu. For the living room, our team chose iconic furniture pieces by #Fendi, #Brabbu, to name just a few of the celebrities that live in this décor. Stunning is the silk carpet from the family’s collection, whose arabesques inpired our designers in choosing the color palette: bordeaux, emerald and amber. The statues were brought to light using #Eicholtz pedestals. The extensible #Poltrona sofa wears its unmistakable design. It is the main star in the room, paired with a bench and two armchairs.

The chairs you see in this image are part of the #Moroso portfolio and stimulate imagination by combining red with blue as well as grace to their innovative silhouettes. The bar flanking them on the left displays the same modern design.

The chairs and the bar share some shiny metal accents, which group them into an entertaining family. Here as well the gorgeous carpet of the owners was the inspiration when choosing the tones and shapes. Our colleagues worked so eidetic, that they even thought about taking a decorative carpet detail and use if for the lighting.

In the dining room, our Studio Insign designers created a sumptuous, but cordial atmosphere by combining marble with wood. The color palette, the solar orange, brings more warmth, but also individuality to the space.

In the kitchen, the marble countertop with tigred imprint comes from #NeroPortoro. Black and amber make a beautiful and unique couple for the destination of this space.

The kitchen is completly equipped, inventive being the solution found to hide the double refrigerator and the boiler behind the cabinet doors. The practical flooring was ordered from #Aparici, but it also plays a significant decorative role.

What you see in the picture is not a wallpaper, but a gate to a sanctuary. The wallpaper adds depth to the room, and the temperate colors induce a relaxing mood. The furniture almost recedes into the background.

The matrimonial bedroom has been decorated to become a true oasis of relaxation. Exotic touches are seasoned here: the botanical wallpaper, neither strident nor bold, the lightings that make you think of a safari escapade: on the left we have a palm, on the right – an elephant.

Though innocent, the delicate pink has a great seductive power, so unusual is its presence. In this room there are also objects from the owners’ collection. We are talking about the well coordinated carpet and mirror. The dressing room shows bronze finish glass and exude grandiosity. It joins the velvet curtains with their magnetizing emerald green.

We are quickly revisiting the famous brands hosted here: the #Eicholtz lightings, the #Moroso armchairs, the #Cantori furniture, the #WallandDeco wallpaper.

The matrimonial bathroom becomes a private SPA, a 24/7 luxurious service. The special wallpaper continues the safari scenario of the bedroom. Calm hues induce a state of well-being. The double washbasin is suspended, the mirrors are faced in various angles, the tiles have a 3D profile giving depth to the space.

We end here our visit to these fine art objects lovers. If you dream to have a home like this, you as well can schedule a meeting with our colleagues.

The products used in this interior design hotel are entirely from the portfolio of our main partners, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey project experts. More photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.


Alte Proiecte

Residence in minimalist style located in Buzau - Nordic interior design


We start a new project following the Nordic style – located in Buzau city. The proposal of the designers came to complete the requirements of the beneficiary, following minimalist lines of Scandinavian influence.

Natural light is an important element in landscaping, glazed areas on large surfaces, warming the colors and natural highlights natural materials.

The interior spaces are generous, airy, with not so much furniture, just as much as necessary to induce an atmosphere of relaxation and freedom.

The chosen textures for furniture are predominantly made of wood and stone, with finishes made of natural materials.

The color range complements the wood following as inspiration the natural stone shades, with neutral grays and colors.

Upstairs, the interior atmosphere is guided by the furniture in sober tones, but in jovial relationships with proximity creative elements such as musical instruments, as creative graphic elements applied to the wall, inducing a relaxed, friendly state.

Lighting fixtures in addition of natural light are focusing on where the actions take place most of the time. At the same time, the library area is highlighted by the light directed towards this piece of furniture.

The interior design of the night area is treated in the same minimalist lines and neutral colors as the rest of the house, keeping the Scandinavian design with large windows that let the light into the room, sweetening the cold gray tents of the walls.

The details and straight lines of a minimalist design have been outlined with photo-realistic rendering by Studio Insign designers. Thanks to detailed images to the smallest level, the customer has seen how the interior space will be transformed and the new interior design will be in the house.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects.






When we receive an interior design project, it is very important to keep in mind the surface it has in order to create a functional design that reflects the owner’s personality at the same time. So, for this house in Branesti we chose an eclectic interior design, where beige shades and other elements such as mirrors or scoop lights predominate, precisely to create spatial illusion.

In the living room we used cream tones and blue accents of color. To create a feeling of spatiality and stretching we used scoop lights on the ceiling and on the walls.

The white-furnished office is located in the open space living room, these two spaces being bounded by a existing parapet.

In the downstairs lobby, the hangers feature dual functionality, as they can also be used as a mirror. These mirrors have the role of creating the feeling of space and brightness.

In the ground floor bathroom we chose decorative ceramics in tones of cream. We also wanted this space to convey the feeling of height and space, so we used spotlights on the ceiling. To create an elegant setting, we hid the washing machine, the ironing board and the laundry basket behind the furniture doors and integrated the sink into the countertop. The shower has a built-in steamer.

The master bedroom is designed in an eclectic style, in tones of cream. We chose a high-quality furniture, made of solid wood and provided by Noblesse Interiors. We opted for a white leather  stool to accompany the makeup toilet.

In the guest bedroom we used the same chromatics as the rest of the house. To create a feeling of spatiality, we placed two mirrors that guard the bed and in order to give the space a touch of preciosity, we used wallpaper on the walls. The room is complemented by a multifunctional table, that has the role of a make-up toilet, a minibookcase or a TV composition. As customers are passionate about traveling, we’ve placed on the walls photos from their travels.

The upstairs lobby, due to its generous space, integrates another office, and in order to recreate the feeling of spatiality, we used light colors. We used sound-absorbing panels on the walls.

The staircase presents decorative luminaires made by internationally renowned designers and a classical wallpaper model.

In the upstairs bathroom we chose a classic style, as it is seen in the suspended furniture with double washbasin. We used mobile lighting fixtures to increase their functionality and at the customer’s request we used a tub that features interior light.

The house also has a small terrace, consisting of a table of 8 people, chairs, a three-seater sofa and a fridge. To give room warmth, we placed some paintings on the walls.

The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.