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Modern house – swimming pool design project

In this article we intend to detail a swimming pool development project belonging to a house in Germany, which we talked about in two separate articles here and here, where we presented its interior and exterior.

One of the advantages of this residence is the generous surface around it, divided into areas dedicated to the main activities of adults and children: the dining area, the green relaxation area and the playground area. The interior of the house is also very spacious, which allowed to our specialists to alocate a large area for fitness, pool and spa.

The team of designers and architects have included in this swimming pool project the clients’ requests, namely the special treatment of the ceiling in the pool area, which they wanted in warm nuances.

Thus, our specialists have chosen for ceiling a material such plasterboard with fiber optic integrated in the form of starry sky, decorative paint and abstract painting with the sky theme. As a solution for flooring, they chose sand-ivory ceramics, with special nanotech technology for wet surfaces.

The finishes of walls start from Nanotech sand-ivory ceramics, mosaic in the shower area, wallpaper in the Jacuzzi and lounge chairs areas, and 3D ceramic with integrated LED.

The space is decorated with exotic plants in pots made of veneered MDF and perforated metal panels to mask the fitness area.

Another decorative solution consisted of mirror-coating the perspective wall, a wall very well treated to allow the use of the video projector on its entire surface.



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