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Casa Rialto-amenajare interioara in stil clasic

The owners’ passion for the city of Venice was the foundation of this design concept made by Studio Insign designers. They owners turned to us to design their dream house and told us they wanted a home with Venetian style influences. Studio Insign designers applied the principles of this style using beige blown with gold leaf and sculpted pieces of furniture and warm colored wallpaper. The designers did not want, however, to design a tarnished 3D project for the bedroom and bathroom, so they used a little bit of color for the tapestries and wallpaper. Both furniture and bedroom furniture was provided by Noblesse Galleries,  Studio Insign’s main partner. And as an interior can not be complete without luminaires, designers chose Murano glass products. Pastel colors in combination with strong shades proved to be the perfect choice for the baby’s room. Studio Insign designers wanted to maintain the same design style so the baby’s room contains a number of items that can be found in the master bedroom, such as a bed with padded headboard or lighting fixtures. The project of the house is not named Rialto by mistake. As the owners love the city of Venice, the name of the most famous bridge there – Rialto – was also chosen to name this Venetian style residential project.


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