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Craiova House - Contemporary luxury interior design


Our latest interior design project was designed for a special home in Craiova. The general approach was contemporary luxury with art nouveau influences. The scenery is remarkable by the use of large ceramic tiles of 1.5 x 3 meters.

Impressive are the mosaic, the varnished solid wood furniture, as well as the precious materials used, such as Swarovski crystals or nabucco leather. The atmosphere is sumptuous, created especially by the chic lines of the furniture signed by #Fendi, #AstonMartin or #VisionnaireHome and by the glamorous note of the #Sicis mosaic.

Our interior designers created a mesmerizing sensory experience when giving shape to the space capsule, prepared for the youngest member of the family. The atypical geometric shapes and high-tech facilities are present in the bedroom and the boy’s bath, who wanted a trendy setting, ready to reach the near future. Read below detailed information regarding the ultramodern solution found for him.

For the living room, the heart of the house, our designers chose terracotta shades, lighted by golden, solar accents. The generous sofa has large pillows and invites you to relax. Add a sophisticated note the metal insertions and the expressive imprint of the large ceramic tiles. As a precious note, a fireplace was also included. The ceiling made of mirror reflects elegance and refinement.

The area of the bar is also impressive. The high legg chairs have a distinguished graphic outline. The golden accents shine bright and make the décor a star in the house. The complicated cocktails have found the scrumptious red carpet to make their appearance like celebrities do at the party!

This golden accent scenario repeats in the dining area, where it is accompanied by the glossy finish of the furniture. Geometry is obvious in the table’s lines and the seat backs are diamond shaped.

Our clients wanted a matrimonial bedroom with sophisticated prints, a demand that Studio Insign embodied with metal and leather inserts, as well as grace to the Swarovski crystal painting. The balance is ensured by the straight lines. This golden finish creates a visual simphony as it brings together the various elements. The dominance of warm beige creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

The modern matrimonial bathroom project has the walls covered in ceramic tiles. The space is lighted by the #Versace mosaic and the shiny furniture. The #studioinsign team paid special attention to the details: the sink is gold, the bathroom radiator has laso a decorative role and draws attention by its unexpected shape. For intimacy, we used a ripple wall, as shown on the left of the image. The floor has a hidden, discreet channel for water drainage.

We mention here the guest bath, located on the ground floor, which received a statement piece, the customized mosaic, harmoniously integrated in the room. What you see in the mirror is a radiator. Its unique design makes it easy to be confused with a decorative piece.

The gold, this main character of the house, refines the reception area, where it is accompanied by the marble of the coffee table.

We are now stepping in the space capsule designed by Studio Insign for the boy. The bedroom, the office, divided into the working area and the relaxation area, the bathroom and the dressing make a discordant note with the rest of the house. The innovative design predominates, as well as the intelligent integration of technology. We stop in the boy’s bedroom, designed as a journey into the cosmos. Placing mirrors on two parallel walls creates an effect of infinite space. The base made of colorless plexiglass generates the effect of imponderability. Decorative paint gives the impression of a starry sky.

The boy bath project seems to come off a SF movie. 3D ceramics are highlighted by silver tones. The black ceiling includes futuristic LED bands. These are also found in the bathtub and washbasin. The toilet is 2 in 1, also having a bidet function. Equipped with a presence sensor, it can be connected to a remote control with programmable functions on the phone. The shower is upgraded to a multi-functional showerhead, the towel radiator has a state-of-the-art design.

Our clients also ordered an office project for the boy. The #studioindign designers put into practice the desired theme, waiting for the future. Turns heads the #KarimRashid sofa. The room is divided into the study area and the relaxation area. The original combination of dark blue and vernile colors impresses the room with dynamism and energy.

The guest bedroom was decorated with a mountain theme. Remarkable is the geometric ceiling, which seems to complement the line of the mountains illustrated on the wall. The pleasant and calm colorful palette invites you to a restful sleep. The blue color induces a state of tranquility, along with neutral creamy, beige and greyish shades.

These elegant notes get out of the house, where cornices and columns were used. Fabulous is the art nouveau balustrade, which consistently closes this contemporary luxury interior design.

The products used in this home decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

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