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Casa Pipera - Design interior in stil colonial


Studio Insign’s last project is a spacious house in Pipera, with a colonial style interior design. This particular style is best known for including a large variety of eastern elements, coming from regions colonized by Britain. These include Caribbean, Indian, Indonesian and even Chinese influences.

The living and dining area benefits from a generous open space. The warm beige hues used throughout the room are one of the characteristics of the colonial style. The blue accents are a reminiscence of the ocean waves or the sky.

The central piece of the dining area is the table with ornamental details which remind us of a complicated rattan braid. Thanks to the glass table, the room does not look crowded, but very spacious and bright.

The kitchen benefits from a generous space, too. Our designers chose light wooden furniture to accentuate the natural light. The corner bench is the blue splash of colour of the room, completing the colonial atmosphere.

Brown hues dominate the matrimonial bedroom. The patterns are also specific to the colonial style. Our designers used the same pattern for both the curtains and the throw pillows.

The furniture consists of large solid wood elements, suited for a spacious home. The big panel bed is also specific to the colonial style. The walls are decorated with subtle framed paintings, keeping in mind the colour scheme of the entire room.

The office has a more sober feeling, without compromising comfort. Here we can see, once again, the blue accents, similar to the rest of the house. Another important element is the visual contrast between the dark pieces of furniture and the lighter ones.

The products used in this house interior design are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts. You can find more 3D photorealistic images in the gallery below.




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