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Beauty salon – interior design project in luxury style

In this article we will talk about an interior design project created for a beauty salon that inSIGN team created using top products from Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

The beauty salon is located in a historical monument building, which has been restored and “converted” into a beauty salon by rethinking and repartitioning the interior space.

The designers and the interior architects have opted for the luxury style, but with a more classic touch in order to be in tune with the interior architecture of this beautiful house.

Our specialists have created a monochromatic background that highlights the color accents such as blue and brass.

Designers have chosen glossy finishes and precious materials, such as marble, blue velvet and brass accents.

The space is divided into several areas such as: washing area, hairdressing area and a bridal shooting area.

Also, our specialists designed a special area for men (gentlemen area).



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