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Design interior Galaxy Bar in Bucuresti


The world is not enough for our Studio Insign team, who married a sky bar with a spectacular celestial theme. A place closer to the moon could not have had a different setting but galactic, as its name would suggest: Galaxy Bar.

It is said that heaven is the limit, but for us it turned out to be our own imagination. Lightings imitating miniature planets, deco details simulating a real constellation, mineral colors, are all transporting to a fascinating out of this world universe. Allow us please to guide you through this space odyssey >>

Up in the sky || lobby

The lobby makes an immediate impression on visitors. This is the reason why the area was designed as a gate to the far side of the galaxy.
The beholder leaves behind a roaming town, while its symbols, the mighty skyscrapers, fall asleep in the starlight. The effect is obtained through the wallpaper. The chrome finishes, an excelent choice for the railing and the pots of flowers, prepares the access to this parallel world. Our galactic traveler would have remarked the bright light spots and the led lighted planter pots, the stars that will light his way.

Galaxy bar || Infinity and beyond

Once arrived, he will notice the ceiling glittering like the myriad stars of the Milky Way. The feeling of open space is accentuated by the glass walls. Their use invites the natural world inside. The ceramic tile flooring leaves the impression that you walk on the moon, a small step and however giant, for that it merely teleports you into space for the first time ever. The palette includes colors drawn from another dimension like blue and gray. The blue-white color couple is found in the metal structure and fabrics. Gray leaves its marks on the seat pillows and the soft veining of the lampshades and reminds us of the impact craters on Mars. Illuminated furniture and fluid shapes make you feel like you have stepped foot on other planet.

Head in the clouds, literally || terrace

The terrace received a strong focus through the accent table, illuminated and crescent-shaped, accompanied by a telescope with black and nickel finish, which fits perfectly into the landscape. This moon will soon become a tourist attraction! The sectional sofa welcomes comfortably a group of friends and even their friends, as it is so generous and encouranges its visitors to relax.

Iced cocktail for me, please! || bar

The bar, this location’s focal point, shows shelves looking like constellations that your inner child would be happy to see again.

Toilets have received a deck featuring an incredible view of the city from above. In this area, our team has intervened on the walls, which were imprinted with the same constellation decorative motif, a recurrent design element of the decoration.
We end our intergalactic trip by focusing the attention on lightings. Just as the stars need darkness to shine bright, we choose to exemplify by nocturnal simulation.
This was definitely to our team a decoration to love to the moon and back.

The products used in this house decoration are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects. More 3D photo-realistic images are presented in the gallery below.

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Hotel Bicaz – Pirates Resort in Mamaia, the first Romanian thematic hotel awaits its guests with a new concept, reinterpreting the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is the newest hotel project developed by Studio Insign team for Jack’s bar, lobby and terrace areas. This unprecedented project represents a real challenge for Studio Insign team, owners wanting to integrate butaphory elements, special effects and the atmosphere of the pirates world.

The project came to life in a very short time, with the active involvement of the hotel owners who wanted to create a welcoming and entertaining space for their clients, giving them an unforgettable experience.


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