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Mansion project – interior design in traditional style

We are pleased to present you a special project in which the interior designers from Studio inSIGN have worked with passion to render through a successful concept an unmistakable design: that of the boyar mansions of former times created by using a mix of styles like traditional and rustic, combined with authentic romanian motifs or religious motifs.

It is about an eclectic mansion project, a combination between the traditional Romanian and the traditional Austrian, with religious and rustic romanian motifs.

The mansion comprises several types of spaces and functions, as follows: restaurant, apartment with bathroom, rooms with bathrooms and attic. The common note of these spaces are the typical finishes of a boyar mansion and the elements of traditional and rustic architecture.

This space continues the line of design used for restaurant, which I presented here, but at the same time contains some original elements. An example would be the treatment of storage spaces above the bathroom and in the living room. This was inspired by the traditional “houses”. The living room stove gives the room a slightly retro look.

The specialists Studio inSIGN have proposed an ancient floor, accessorized by carpets that have traditional romanian motifs, and for the ceiling they have chosen wooden beams. For the walls, our designers used white brick and plaster, following the design concept in the restaurant.

This room acquires a warmer and more relaxing note by using an antique wood paneling at the end of the bed. The painted Romanian motifs are on the cornice that connects the ceiling and the walls.

The antique frescoes represent the proposed accent to introduce the clients in the story and atmosphere of these rooms.

The bathroom continues the design style of the room, so we will find romanian motifs on the finishes of the walls, which integrate this space in the general design.

The rooms – interior design

The concept of room design focuses on brick and wood finishes, decorated with frescoes and lighting.

The dark wood furniture typical of the boyar mansions brings a note of authenticity to the space. Regarding decorations, they chose as the main piece an antique icon placed above the bed.

Attic design

Attic design

An interesting detail of the designing is the color accent introduced in the upholstery of the chairs and armchair, used as an accent.

Bathroom concept design

The concept of interior design combines materials such as brick and antique plaster. At the top of the countertop from the sinks, the interior architects inserted a ceramic portion to protect the walls. For the floor, they chose an antique-type ceramic finish.

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