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inSIGN studio by Noblesse Group International was designated “Best Interior Design Studio in Romania” at the Architecture Awards, organized by Build Magazine from UK.

The designation “Best interior design studio” is realised by an internal jury based on clearly established criteria such as excellence in the field, the complexity and diversity of projects and the innovations that the company brings to the market. This jury consists in a group of assessors, specialists in this field, which analyze a list of design studios based on extensive research. The members of the jury include BUILD executives, as well as the research team manager, Jeremy Roe, who has enjoyed over 30 years of experience in evaluating programs and competitions in a variety of industries. The jury offers fair competition conditions for all selected interior design studios, with the ultimate goal of recognizing the best and most valuable of them in every country.

This year, following the analysis of all the nominated dossiers and the additional informations that led to the consolidation of the nominations, inSIGN was named “Best Interior Design Studio – Romania”.

Architecture Awards is at the fifth edition with amazing feedback from readers, companies and people who participated in the world-renowned BUILD awards.

inSIGN studio is a member of the International Interior Design Association from UK, alongside the world’s most prestigious interior architecture offices. Its projects have received numerous awards such as the “The Most Office” Boutique Award, and was nominated at the most important international design and architecture competitions such as The International Design and Architecture Awards, The International Hotel & Property Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, “Excellent Architecture” at the German Design Awards, Dezeen Awards.



Our team of architects and designers has worked hard to recreate the exterior charm of a Satu Mare building, for which we have created the interior design (more details HERE). After an analysis of the building, the architects decided to work on the facade and the courtyard of this house and in the end their appearance changed completely.

We created new alleys, parking spaces and paid a lot of attention to the exterior lighting system.

We also created a pavilion where the family can reunite on warm days, being the perfect place to relax.



View the renderings behind the project.



View the picture album of the implemented project.