The interior design service is provided by a team of professionals with complex and complementary skills to ensure a successful project from all points of view: design, functional and technical.

An entire team of architects, interior designers, art graduates and engineers work together with a great deal of professionalism and sensitivity in order to create the ideal interior design for each customer. The interior design service involves several steps to identify the customer’s requirements and desires and to realize the 3D project at the highest European standards.


The steps presented below are part of a standard collaboration scheme that we want to explain as clearly as possible the complexity and performance of this service.

Of course, depending on the size and stage of the project and the collaboration with the beneficiary, these steps may differ. Mainly, we identify the desires, needs and tastes of the beneficiary and after that our team proposes the best solution that evolves and transforms until it reaches the final shape: unique and perfect!

These steps are the following:

1. Initial discussion with the beneficiary: we present to him our work procedure, project examples, product range and styles in order to identify together what he wants and how he thinks the interior design should look like.

2. Visiting the beneficiary’s space: This stage is important for knowing the space, its characteristics, for a better understanding of the needs and desires of the beneficiary, the lifestyle and the preferences.

3. Making the survey: taking measurements and processing them in specialized softwares.

4. Discussion with the client: Based on the survey we outline even more the division of the space, the establishment of the functionalities, the conditions and the requirements of the beneficiary related to his lifestyle, habits, preferences, necessities. It is the stage where the decoration style, the interior design solutions, the product range, the budget, the finishes and other materials are clearly identified.

5. Presenting the 3D project with realistic photo images, which allows the beneficiary to have a clear visual image on the interior design. At this stage, the project is discussed, the beneficiary getting a better understanding of the interior design concept proposed by our team of designers, accordingly to the theme of the project. We present the suggested products, finishing samples, textiles etc. after which we identify the changes agreed upon by the studio’s specialists and the beneficiary.

6. The presentation of the final version of the design is the stage in which we present the beneficiary a realistic 3D image of the designed space, the description of the products necessary for the realization of the project which includes dimensions, characteristics, technical specifications. We present the financial proposal for the project implementation and discuss the last changes.

7. Completion of the project. We present the final design, the financial offer of the products, the technical drawings, the installation plans etc. The project is handed over to the beneficiary with all the documentation. The client can implement it on its own or he can turn to us and choose a turnkey project. We believe in creativity and originality and any interior we decorate must be impeccable. Whether it’s homes, restaurants, hotels or cafes, our team will find the best and most creative solutions to transform interiors into unique creations that our client will really love!

We offer high quality interior design services and 3D design for residential and public spaces, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, cafes. Also our team of interior designers and architects is specialized in wood panelling projects, house turnkey projects, apartment turnkey projects, office interior design, hotel interior design, cafe interior design, restaurant interior design, pub interior design, club interior design etc.

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