Radisson Blu hotel room: interior design in contemporary style

Interior design hotel room

The interior design of this 5-star room of Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest was created by inSIGN, member of Noblesse Group International. inSIGN team managered this project, who, through excellent communication with the client, understood his needs and desires. The project was created by incorporating all the aesthetic and functional requirements.

Interior design project: main steps

The starting point in the realization of this interior design project for the hotel room was the branding manual and a creative design concept, in accordance with the current tendences in interior design.

Interior designers and architects inSIGN have created 3D renderings in 4 variants, the choice of the final version being made by the company board.

Contemporary style with luxury accents

In order to decorate this hotel room, inSIGN specialists have chosen the contemporary style with luxury accents, the latest being inserted in decor through cognac leather elements and copper accents.

Hotel room: providers

The products used in decorating this hotel room come from the main partner and supplier of the inSIGN studio, namely Noblesse Interiors. The team carefully selected the decorative elements, choosing quality and innovative products, but which satisfy in the same time all the client's requirements.

inSIGN team has chosen the contemporary style with luxury accents, so the new design of the room was integrated into the broader design concept of the hotel, where the emphasis is placed on trendy, elegant and functional decorative elements.

Decorative elements

The furniture used in this decorating is custom made Noblesse Interiors, and the lighting fixtures, DCW. The photo wallpaper on the wall behind the bed was made by inSIGN in colaboration with professional romanian photographers.

The abstract paintings were created by the artists Fusion Arts - the art agency of Noblesse Group International.

Other materials used in this project: luxury vinyl tyles, Borghini White marble finish, printed boards with pictures from Bucharest (bathroom), luxury MDF, Glossy Dark finish, Wood Essence (colors: dark wook, makassar).

Decorating hotel bathroom

Studio inSIGN offers the entire range of services: products, interior design and rendering.

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