Casa - Design Oxford-amenajare interioara locuinta in stil modern

Each home is unique, and for each owner, Studio Insign designers try to find original fitting solutions. This is the case for the house named "Oxford Design House" located in a luxurious residential area of ​​Bucharest. The home has 1,200 square meters and Studio Insign designers made design projects for all the rooms. Thus, they created a 3D kitchen project, a 3D dining room project, a 3D living room project, a 3D master bedroom project, a 3D bathroom project, a 3D children's bedroom project, a 3D pool project and a 3D fitness room project. Because the owners demanded that their home be decorated in a contemporary style, designers opted for innovative finishes available through Noblesse Galleries. Dacryl panels were used in the 3D hall and staircase design as well as industrial ceramics. Several 3D versions were created for the rooms of this house, so designers presented two options for the living room and dining room. Differences consist either in the design of the walls or in the arrangement of the rooms. In one of the options, we plated the walls with luxurious mosaic from Sicis, in the other one we chose a painted resin decorative panel. The living room includes several pieces of furniture bearing the signature of famous designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, available through Noblesse Galleries. The Smock chair by Patricia Urquiola, the sofa with Incanto hi-tech system are just a few of the elements to give a modern, contemporary, yet stylish interior design.


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