House design - classic interior design


A family with children who lives near the Capital of Romania wanted for their home a classic style - a timeless style, which passed the proof of time. The owners felt that this style resonate best with their personality. For interior design, they asked the support of interior architects inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors to design a house interior design that they are going to implement.

House with ground floor and floor

The residence of this family consists of the ground floor and floor. The ground floor incorporates the following functions: living room, office, kitchen (shared areas), master bedroom and bathroom. The floor is for the two children (a girl and a boy) and consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, hallways, and a balcony thought of as a relaxing place for children.

Decor elements, such as wooden furniture and textiles accessories, are part of Noblesse Interiors portfolio. The atmosphere created is warm and welcoming.

Home office in classic style

In the same line with the living room, they have arranged the office located on the ground floor, where we find the same warm colors present in the living room, namely the temperate shades of brown and green.

The uniform appearance of these common spaces is also achieved by using similar finishes such as wood flooring, stone, decorative profiles and wood furniture.

Kitchen design in neoclassical style

One of the brightest and warmest rooms is the kitchen, arranged in neoclassical style. The attractive aspect of this function is achieved with the help of finishes and colors: travertine flooring, beige wall coverings (in the dining area), backsplash from mosaic travertine.

Crystal and bronze lightings, as well as bronze batteries, give an elegant touch to space.

Matrimonial Bedroom Design

This bedroom is finished with classy, noble materials such as wood flooring, wall-painted walls, paint and decorative profiles. Here, the designers have added neoclassical furniture.

The central part of the matrimonial bedroom is a makeup table, a special piece through design and details.

Bathroom design - ground floor

Colors like cream, beige, white and golden accents make up the color palette of the ground floor. Sanitary items with an elegant design fit perfectly into this frame.

Hall in classic style

This space conveys that note of elegance and nobility typical of the classic style. Here we find a very sic combinations of colors - brown and cream, as well as gold accents that provide the lobby with precious air. The elegant mirror has integrated lights.

House design - floor

As mentioned above, the floor space was allocated to the children. Each of them has own bedroom, but they share the bathroom and relaxation space.

Girl bedroom design

Although is decorated in classic style, we can see a feminine, jovial atmosphere created by the freshness of floral motifs in this bedroom. The team of designers continued the general arrangement of the house, partitioning and adapting the space to the needs of the girl.

Thus, we encounter a special and specific floor of this house, namely solid wood and terracotta, walls finished with wallpaper, paint and decorative profiles. In terms of furniture, designers have chosen a durable and versatile model for a growing child.

Boy bedroom design

The only modern room in the whole house is the boy's bedroom, where the designers have tried to bring it to the general design concept with various decorative elements: wooden and terracotta floors, decorative paint and wallpaper, but with modern themes.

Modern design furniture is very practical and includes very useful systems. For example, the library has an integrated LED strip.

Children’s bathroom Design

The upstairs bathroom, allocated to children, pleasantly surprises with the classic elements, the modern and chromatic endowments (white-blue).

Small hall design

This small lobby is decorated with paintings from Fusion Arts portfolio - the Noblesse Group International art agency.

Balcony – interior design

The lobby and the balcony on the floor designed for children is a veritable relaxing space, equipped with benches and armchairs. The designers gave the same importance to this space, turning it into an attractive and personalized place. The floor (which is found in other rooms) is made of wood and terracotta recovered from a castle in France, and the walls are covered with decorative paint and decorative profiles. There is french-style solid wood furniture integrated, with the role of a small library.

This interior design for the house was created with products from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio.

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