Hotel room - interior design project

Each interior design project represents for the Studio inSIGN team a challenge to which it responds each time by offering customized solutions. So, the end result is always unique.

In the following lines we will detail an interior design project for the hotel room whose starting point was the image of "an autumn day in the mountains". The source of inspiration came from the hotel location - a beautiful mountain area with rich vegetation.

Hotel room project - concept description

In this hotel room project we will find themes and motifs taken from nature. The light and colors of the environment have equally inspired the specialists of the studio inSIGN in designing the this hotel room.


Hotel room - themed interior design

The natural frame and the elements of nature are rendered in an architectural language reinterpreted, thus: the essences of maple wood define the pieces of furniture, the sandstone reflects the colors, the shapes and the waving of the mountain waters, the yellow tones refers to the abundance of shades of the leaves of the trees autumn, and the blue, combined with white, faithfully reproduces a mountain environment.

The painting exposed on the wall is a symbol of the mountain fauna.

The bathrooms continue the concept created for the hotel room. The blue and the various brown tones represent the dominant colors of this space.

The designers emphasized in this space on the quality and functionality of sanitary to ensure the necessary comfort to the users.

Another version of this hotel room project proposed by the Studio inSIGN team is available in the gallery below.



Hotel room - interior design project