Sediu de companie in Craiova – design interior in stil modern


Creating an interior design concept requires a perfect connection between design and functionality, because these spaces must be both practical and welcoming for employees. Our designers include in their office design projects the concept of culture @ work, giving a great importance to the experience of the employees at their workplace.

One of our latest projects is the headquarters of a travel agency situated in Craiova, where our team has developed the concept of design. The interior space of this company consists of two areas: a ground floor, dedicated to the clients, and one floor, which integrates the offices. The stairwell and the floor are linked to the office areas.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant that is stylistically aligned with the general concept of office design. The interior architects combined the finishing materials in an original way: walls covered with wallpaper, ceramic flooring and 3D panels.

The ground floor also includes a seating area with comfortable armchairs and sofas. The serving area consists of a custom bar. This bar is made of wood, with quartz countertop and marble finish.

The floor includes the offices: on the right is the manager’s office, and on the left, the employees' offices. The lobby contains a waiting area with appropriate furniture.

Offices meet all the requirements of ergonomics and functionality. By example, designers chose office furniture with all the accessories included and ergonomic chairs.

The office spaces are bounded by secured glass walls. The ceiling is lamellar, with wooden finish at 45 degree inclination to create dynamism in these rooms.

The manager’s office conquers through the combination of materials such as solid wood and natural leather, along with the textile wallpaper. Stylish furniture and color accents are some of the elements that offer a stylish look to this space.

The inSIGN team is specialized in office, horeca, commercial and residential projects.



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