Golden Lake hotel - contemporary interior design


One of our newest projects includes the lobby, the reception desk and the bar of a beautiful wellness centre, named Golden Lake. The entire space features a contemporary style, taking into consideration both branding elements and necessities.

Because it's a space dedicated to relaxation and balneotherapy, the interior design reflects a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For this interior design, our team paid special attention to branding elements.

Our designers contributed to defining the identity of the brand, starting with the name and logo.

The white marble reception area comes in contrast with the dark wood panelling. The golden accents have been chosen to represent the name of the centre.

Being a large open space, our designers chose white ceramics. The walls are also white, to maximize the natural light.

The entire space is connected to the branding elements, that is why our team chose to introduce in the interior design some violet accents, similar to the one in the logo. We can see some violet armchairs and sofas, with organic designs. Comfortable and made of high-quality materials, these pieces contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of the centre.

Our team chose to incorporate an electric fireplace. The bar was covered in golden tones and completed with dark green chairs.

The products used in this interior design are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects.



See the 3D renderings of this project.



See the album of the finished project.


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