Casa - Amenajare interioara resedinta ambasada

The interior design for this house was a special one because, besides involving a complex 3D project, it meant understanding the culture and traditions of those who will live in this house. We can say that this interior design project was one of the most fascinating and unique challenges for our designers. The dwelling is actually a villa located in a quiet area of ​​Bucharest. Studio Insign designers refurbished it, based on a complex architectural project of expansion and redevelopment, in which the spaces were entirely designed to express comfort, luxury, but also the tradition and culture of the country to which it belongs. The design was made with products from the portfolio of Noblesse Galleries. The interior design project is impressive by the size of the house as well as by the areas of interest created by Studio Insign designers. We created the 3D dining room project, 3D design for the living room, the 3D kitchen design, the 3D project for children rooms, the 3D swimming pool project and 3D basement project. Our designers combined the elegance of the furniture from Noblesse Galleries with country-specific accessories. Inside the dining area a we made a Valchromat travert, one of the innovative materials our designers use and in the living room we used BM Style furniture brought by Noblesse Galleries, our main collaborators. The resourcefulness of our designers was tested when they had to create the pool area and the hobby area. The pool was covered with high quality mosaic by Noblesse Galleries and the basement of the house was transformed into a relaxation and hobby area. There we arranged a pool table, a coffee drinking area and a TV area. The products are part of Collections The Dodges and Bakoko available through Noblesse Galleries.


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