Casa- Universul copilariei - amenajare interioara casa

Designers at Studio Insign made the 3D projects for two children's rooms, a boy's room and a girl's room. The boy's bedroom looks as if it's from a story book. Because they wanted to surprise the little one, designers chose a room that looks like a ship. The bed is in the shape of a ship and the library looks like a half steering wheel. On the ceiling one can see the cardinal points made on a fresco wallpaper. From a chromatic point of view, Studio Insign designers chose blue shades. However, they created two options for this room by resorting to different finishes for the furniture. For the first option designers used white wood and for the second one dark wood. For both options designers opted for a marine wallpaper in order to suit the layout and blue floor mats were used for the wooden flooring. The little girl's room exudes glamor, designers being inspired by the princess bedrooms described in book stories. They chose a canopy bed with cheerful shades. The successful combination of pink, green and yellow delighted the parents but also the little beneficiary. The furniture is of light wood and the style of the room is classical. Studio Insign designers chose special pieces to give the little one all the comfort that she needs.


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