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Our passions influence our lifestyle and most of the time we want them to reflect on everything we do. Studio Insign designers recently received a request to create a design that emphasizes the owners' passion for the Band Zonder Naam (BZN). Less well known to the public from Romania, the Dutch band is to the liking of the owners who are friends with the members of this band. For this reason the two beneficiaries asked the designers from Studio Insign designers to create a hobby and a relaxation area in the basement of the house where they can listen to their favorite tunes. Because some of the pieces of furniture and finishes such as the natural stonewall  existed, the designers took them as starting points for the new design. They opted for a classic style with a series of accessories as if taken from the shooting platforms or the recording studios. The basement of the house gained a slightly Hollywood air, completed with paintings and posters with the BZN band. Designers created a relaxation area that includes sofas and armchairs and a mini bar with high chairs. For both the basement and the rest of the house we chose a classical style, being the owners' number one preferrence. Two proposals were created for the dining and living area, one of them counting on the charm of warm brown tones and the second one bringing the color mix to the forefront. Because they are dynamic and cheerful, the owners opted for the second option that takes on the strong shades. The kitchen is the place where the classic style is easily interwoven with the charm of the rustic. The products used in this interior design house are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.



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We completed the interior design of this house, which, besides the standard rooms, also has a great basement that was arranged like a bar created only for the owners. In fact, this room was inaugurated by the members of this well-known band who were visiting the owners and who were delighted with the interior design of the entire home. The interior design of each room was designed so the owners could feel comfortable, reflecting their passions and lifestyle. We designed wall and ceiling systems and opted for high quality furniture available through our partners, Noblesse Interiors.