The owners of this house have asked the designers at Studio Insign to create an interior design that combines luxury with comfort. This implied an individual and unitary perspective of the rooms. The professionalism of our specialists has led to several design options for each room for the owners to identify the design that fits the best.

At the ground floor of the dwelling the concept took off from the original tiles found in the kitchen. The sandstone is in black and white rhombuses, a graphic element that can be found in the living room, where the black and white combination is used also, but as stripes, found in the model of the curtains. The white-black motif is also found in the furniture, specifically at the Muebles Amorosos armchairs made by the international designer Javier Mariscal, available in Romania through our main partners, Noblesse Galleries. In terms of style, designers opted for classic with British accents, highlighted by the Chesterfield sofa and armchair. As the name of the project speaks by itself, a cozy, highly personal design was desired.

The rooms for the two children were designed with great imagination and originality. The boy's room was approached in two distinct styles: modern and classic. Modern style involves colorful furniture and graffiti on the walls, while for the classic style, highly recommended for creating a room-level unity, featured wooden furniture from Girl and Boy Collection, availabe in Romania through Noblesse Galleries. This style reflects the little boy's passion for horses. The girl's room is, on the other hand, a colorful universe where she can feel like a little princess. Spar furniture used in this design is also from Noblesse Galleries. The handmade wood, the vivid colors and the carefully selected accessories by Studio Insign' designers have enchanted the little one.