Studio Insign designers created an interior design project for an Art British café (Brit Cafe), addressed to a select clientele, in a space of 153 square meters.

In this interior design, specific elements such as dark walnut wood panels finishes and noble textile wallpaper.

All these elements carefully chosen, coordinated and designed by Studio Insign designers led to a successful and admired project.

The bar is a piece of resistance in this arrangement and the massive columns elegantly mark the line of the green marble countertop. The massive wood flooring with classic intarsia medallions gives warmth to this space and delimits the two areas of the café by different tones.

On the handmade painted ceiling one can find decorative elements from the parquet. The VIP area features bordeaux, highly stylish and upholstered leather sofas and armchairs.

The wall made of faceted mirrors reflects the front space, thus creating an intimate connection between the two areas.

The manual hand-made stained glass luminaires give a warm light to the entire café. Intimate corners were created, in which those who wish to retire can contemplate this space or browse a book from the café's library.

All carefully chosen products and custom-made products were delivered and assembled by Noblesse Interiors team in a joint effort of coordination and cooperation with the other teams of specialists: electricians, plumbers, builders.

The design took about 4 months, during which the basic idea evolved during the meetings with the beneficiary. Communicating with the beneficiary who knew exactly what he wanted was a wonderful and exciting experience from all points of view. The success of this project was mostly due to the exceptional collaboration with the beneficiary.

The products used in this interior design project are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects specialists.


View the renderings of the project.


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About the beneficiary of this project, Mr. Mircea Tudor

The beneficiary of this special project is Mr. Mircea Tudor, a renowned businessman with remarkable achievements both in the country and internationally, one of the most outstanding and best Romanian professionals.

He brought to our country the grand prize of the Geneva Salon of Inventions, the first of its kind in the history of the country.