Casa- Amintiri de toamna - amenajare interioara casa clasica

This interior design project made by Studio Insign is in the debut phase. The master bedroom was elegantly decorated with classic Romantic accents such as the pouff and upholstered bed from Capri Collection available through Noblesse Galleries. Designers used colors of autumn, like brown, gold, cream and tones of rust. The natural wood of the big dressing gives elegance and refinement to the design. Until the ideal design is identified, Studio Insign designers make more proposals. That is why for the room of one of the girls, some proposals differ in terms of textures, colors or accessories. In the youngest girl's room we used a colorful design, thus Studio Insign designers managing to create a true childhood universe. The bed has a canopy, like a princess bedroom and all the furniture was purchased from Noblesse Galleries and is part of Happy Night Collection. Studio Insign designers say that color combinations are very important in children's rooms and tarnished colors are to be avoided. Based on the same principle, the 3D project for the second girls' room was also built. Due to the age difference between the two of them the second bedroom was differently designed. Thus, we chose a padded bed with a dressing room. A relaxation area was set up for the little girl to read or browse her favorite magazines, a desk and book shelves and a space where she can prepare for her night outs with her girlfriends. We chose furniture in neutral cream, with golden leaf and to cheer the interior we picked a colorful wallpaper and carpet.


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