By creating this classic interior design we wanted to go back in time and recall a fragment of history. We chose color mixes typical of classic style, such as light green, brown hues and blue highlights.

The living room is part of an open space made up of a small library and a desk.

We wanted to create for the owners of this apartment a romantic and intimate atmosphere and placed a superb fireplace on one of the walls of the room guarded by two armchairs so the owners can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or read a bood book in front of the fireplace.

We used a floral wallpaper pattern in shades of cream to complement this romantic ambience.

We also opted for golden interior design items to convey some glow to the design, such as mirror frames, lighting fixtures or wall frames on the walls.

In the bedroom we chose a solid wood bed accompanied by a beautiful upholstered satin headboard.

From a chromatic point of view, we used a furniture in sallow shades, highlighted by the tones of the wallpaper in combination with the green accents.

We set up the kitchen in a classical reinterpreted style, as it can be observed in the pattern of the wall and floor tiles.

The bathroom reveals a classic style in the true sense of the word. We chose beige tones that perfectly highlight the beauty of the classic tile pattern.

This is definitely an apartment in which we would like to live.

The products used in this interior design are part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design experts and turnkey projects.