We have recently completed the 3D interior design project for an apartment located in Bucharest, a project that we will soon implement. After a previous discussion with the owner we chose to approach a modern style with pastel color accents.

The design of the office is inspired from the sea because we used items used by sailors in their voyages at sea, such as the compass and the map. In this frame we opted for a natural, earthy color, represented by shades of green, brown and beige, the yellow being the splash of color in this room.

In the matrimonial bedroom we opted for a bold design and used the violet as a spot of color to highlight the room, alongside the white noncolor, having the role of mitigating the strong effect of purple. We used 2 wallpaper designs in shades of gray that contrasted perfectly with the chromatics of the furniture.

The matrimonial bath is made in a modern minimalist style with luxury accents, in which we used open cream tones.

The bedroom of the girl has a minimalist design, it is designed in warm colors, such as red, orange, beige. The element that conveys personality to the room is the Paris Tour Eiffel wallpaper.

The girl's bathroom features a tile carpet identical to the hone pattern of black and white.

In the guest bathroom we used also shades of cream. We chose shades and natural materials such as wood and stones that create the color pattern on the wall.

In the kitchen we chose a playful black and white wallpaper that is highlighted by the red color of the seats and furniture. The role of the wallpaper is to create the feeling of space, to visually enlarge the room.

The products used in this apartment interior design project are entirely part of the portfolio of our main collaborators, Noblesse Interiors, interior design and turnkey projects experts.