Loredana Preda - CEO Noblesse Group


For more than 15 years, Loredana Preda, the CEO of the company, is leader in Interior Design. She supports and inspires Studio Insign interior design team through her talent and knowledge of international trends, interior design and arts.

Loredana is responsible for the strategy and performance of the entire group and harnesses with a rare mastery the Studio Insign designers and architects, inspiring them with her passion and refinement. Loredana is involved in a variety of artistic, design, cultural and educational initiatives.

Silviu Preda - Managing Partner Noblesse Group


Silviu Preda is directly involved in projects and initiatives including excellence in design, sustainability, research and the delivery of high-quality technical products.

He oversees group growth, diversification and development, looking for new technologies and methods to always be in the top.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Silviu constantly contributes to the team’s development, quality and diversification of delivered products, consistent with the policy and values of Noblesse Group.

Alessandro Lusito - Manager Studio Insign


Interior designer of Italian origin, Alessandro Lusito leads the Studio Insign team of architects and designers.

Thanks to his experience in restoring historic monuments and internationally acquired experience, he provides support and added value to high-level projects, defines performance objectives, collaborative operations and team develop

In 2012 Alessandro joined the team as an interior architect, working on a number of residential, offices, hotels and especially restoration projects. He had a variety of leadership roles, becoming the Design Department Manager in 2014. He is invited as a speaker at various conferences in the field of architecture.

In 2015 he received the special award of the Magazine Caminul as a recognition for his involvement in the Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace project.

Ana Maria Calina - Project Manager

Ana-Maria-Calina-Project-Manager Studio Insign

Interior designer and graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Ana Maria Calina has a vast experience in monitoring the development and implementation of turnkey projects. Ana Maria understands the needs of the clients and translates them into reality with a lot of creativity, these being the strengths of this team member who has the role of tracking the project and being the balance between the designers and the beneficiaries.

The years of experience in the field and the perfect knowledge of trends make her an ideal adviser. Also, any project of this hers is characterized by refinement and special care for aesthetic details.



With specialized studies in the United States and with a solid experience in interior and graphic design, Diana Popescu is one of the most valuable interior designers and project managers from our team. The successful achievement of an impressive number of projects for public and residential spaces is due in part to technical competencies, in part to the originality, exploration spirit and attention to details, from the concept stage to the completion.

Diana express the beauty of this world through design, managing to create decors that perfectly define the client’s personality: “For me, clients are the best muse. I like to listen them and to reproduce their story in design through colors, textures, shapes and, of course, putting a lot of soul. I love what I do!”



Irina Milîi is interior architect and plastic artist. This double specialization gives her the opportunity to create complex design and creative compositions, thought to the smallest detail, thus succeeding in achieving a perfect synchronization between aesthetics and functional optimization. Irina discovers all the news in this industry to deliver design solutions that match the latest trends in interior design.



Petru Bolboceanu is one of the youngest and most ambitious interior designers of Studio Insign. His specialization is in 3D views, a domain in which he has gained a long experience, even in other countries, such as England, developing the most daring ideas in interior design and dynamic views at the highest quality standards. He approaches various types of design through flexibility and creativity.



The architect Marc Robert Patrulius traveled in Europe after graduation, accumulating international experience, especially in the HoReCa field. His passions include the visual arts and the branding on which is based in implementing design projects. For Marc, any project is a new opportunity to develop a brief in fulfillment, especially if the project has to communicate complex values with a diverse audience. His interest in architecture-related areas brings a variety of tools to the inSIGN team.


Sînziana Dinu is an interior designer with significant experience both in the design of furniture and interior design. Graduate of the Serban Design School, Sînziana realizes varied and realistic projects, combining principles such as sustainability, functionality and refined aesthetics. Sînziana strongly believes that design reflects the personality of people. “When the customer is satisfied with the end result, it means the interior design created for him has reached his goal: to make him feel at home.”


Simona Dumitrica is one of the most experienced designers and managers of our team. Her extensive experience in finance, project management and marketing research helps her to discover the profile of each beneficiary and manage the entire design process. The quality of the proposals and the attention to the small details represent her contribution to each project.

“I think that the way we express ourselves in creating the design of a space inspires the client to develop a certain lifestyle. Therefore, the arrangement of any space, whether residential or public, should be thought up to the smallest detail so as to reflect the personality of the user and help him to exploit his full potential. I like to analyze how clients’ needs and wishes can be manifested and transposed into the interior design. In order to make a really beautiful and valuable space for the beneficiary, I always guide myself by the motto “beauty is the promise of happiness”.