We are proud to present you Studio Insign offices located inside Palatul Noblesse – Lifestyle Palace, a historical building in the center of Bucharest built in 1881 by the renowned architect Alexandru Savulescu. Although the offices are situated at the semibasement of the building, through a good subdivision and well-thought-out surroundings, they benefit from a lot of brightness. Both the three rooms and the conference room are decorated in an industrial style, combining pieces of furniture signed by internationally recognized designers. We opted for color infusions in order to transform office rooms into areas where creativity, originality and design blend and complement. All these elements transform the working space into a very pleasant and motivating one. Some of the walls are worn in the original brick, which we have restored, others are treated in the same industrial style and have concrete finishes. To create a welcoming atmosphere, some of the walls have been dyed in joyful tones. The place of accessories and wall decorations was taken over by frames that contain quotes about interior design and the role of those who practice it, as well as panels with important projects from our portfolio. The meeting room, the place where Studio Insign team meets and discusses every ongoing project, has a cozy air and chromatically blends in with the other offices.