This house has an interesting story and it is important to be mentioned in order to understand what kind of operations were required to reach this final form. 1881 was the year of its construction, then in 1903 it was bought and slightly modified by the banker Leonid Berkovitz and in 1950 The Communist Party takes possession of it transforming the building into the headquarters of The Circle of the Pioneers and Homeland Soils, District 2. The basement of this building was in a deplorable condition when the house was purchased (being uninhabited for more than 23 years) so it had to be strengthened. The office space initially was 40-50 cm shorter than now. We took out the worn-out floor and the ground beneath it and found out that this building had a deep foundation that allowed us to dig further and create a lower floor. Taking into consideration the fact that it was an old house we needed to built layers of protection against moisture and rupture of the capillary, we put thermal heating systems under the floor and then plated the floor with ceramics. Also the ceilings took a lot of work because we had to take them down to put polystyrene in order to create insulation. All the walls were reinforced with metallic and concrete mesh. We preserved the original brick that can be seen on the corridors and in some of the offices. We cleaned the bricks piece by piece, we replaced the broken sections and we used a colorless lacquer to protect them and give them more charm. The entire interior design was made with products from the portfolio of our main partners, Noblesse Interiors.