The inSIGN studio is part of Noblesse Group International, a multibrand company that includes the following brands: Noblesse Interiors, Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace, Noblesse Academy and Fusion Arts.
Noblesse Group International activates in creative and cultural industries, offering products and services that add value to your lifestyle.
The headquarters of the company is Noblesse Palace, a real architectural and cultural jewel of Bucharest, dating since 1881 and built by the architect Alexandru Savulescu. After a complex process of consolidation, restoration with a great responsibility for the original elements, interior and exterior design, the building becomes, since 2015, what is today: one of the most important design, lifestyle and culture centers in Europe.
The inSIGN Studio is member of The Design Society in UK, alongside the most prestigious interior architecture offices in the world. Our projects have received numerous awards and nominations since 2012, such as Boutique Award inside of “The Most Office”, The International Design and Architecture Awards, Hotel and Property Awards.


Our goal is to offer excellence in design and interior architecture services that exceed customer expectations.


“We create more than interiors, we create experiences.”


When we are designing interior spaces, we believe it is extremely important to emphasize not only aesthetics and functionality, but also comfort, a healthy living environment and the most innovative solutions.

For each project, we work in a team of experts, including architects, designers and engineers. Based on the expertise and experience of each member, we make innovative and optimized proposals for our clients.

We have an extensive experience in projects that cover a wide range of typologies that require special solutions such as hotels, historic buildings, offices, homes and commercial spaces. We use the latest software and technologies, such as interactive experiences to deliver reality in the design stage.

We also contribute to the development of urban culture by preserving and restoring historic buildings with responsibility, promoting young artists and sustained involvement in the education and training of the new generation of architects and designers.


The values ​​in which we believe have helped us over time to evolve ourself and ensure our customers’ loyalty, becoming what we are today: an internationally recognized interior design and architecture studio. These are:

Dedication: the entire team puts passion in understanding and fulfilling the wishes of the clients;

Honesty: we offer the most suitable solutions and we assume compliance with the commitments;

Quality respect: Our products are original and made from carefully selected materials that strictly adhere to international quality and health and safety standards;

Professionalism: The entire team is composed by specialists who are constantly developing to answer to the diverse wishes of their clients.

“We think interior design is indispensable for creating a life & work style which fulfill current standards. The interiors we create, whether for public or residential spaces, have as their primary purpose the customer experience concept to meet better the needs of people and the identity of each brand”, Loredana Preda – CEO NOBLESSE GROUP INTERNATIONAL.